Your data, your choice



This page provides information about the T-Mobile INSIGHTS program, including information about how the program works and your choices about use of your information in the program.


What is the T-Mobile INSIGHTS program?

T-Mobile INSIGHTS is a program provided by T-Mobile to other businesses (our Insights partners) to develop consumer research reports.

The program works this way—we enter into contracts with Insights Partners to provide them with de-identified customer data, which means information about how customers use their mobile devices (including web browsing, apps and feature usage), general location information, certain information about T-Mobile product and service usage (such as device type and amount of use), demographic and additional information we obtain from others. We provide the information in a format that does not personally identify our customers. We do not provide the Personal Information of our customers. 

The Insights partner aggregates the data, which means they combine the data for a large group of users to show the total number of users. This data may be from T-Mobile and other sources. They use this data to develop consumer research reports that show trends for specific population groups, and market the reports to groups that can use the information in their businesses. For example, city traffic planners have a need to understand traffic patterns. Under the INSIGHTS Program, we may provide cell tower location data to an Insights partner showing the number of commuters on different highways to create a report for city traffic planners.


Customers have a choice

Customers have a choice about whether their de-identified information is included in these reports. You are free to opt out of this program at any time. If you opt out of this program, we no longer will provide the data described above to our INSIGHTS partners. Go here to view your choices.