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What is the T-Mobile Interest-based Advertising Program?

As described in our Privacy Statement, certain ads you see on your mobile device – such as when you use your browser to access the Internet or use certain applications– can be tailored to be more relevant to you. T-Mobile has developed the T-Mobile Interest-based Advertising program to do this without identifying you personally to third-party advertisers. With this program you are more likely to learn about products or offers that interest you.

The program doesn’t change the number of ads you see, only which ads you see. For instance, we may indicate a customer is a traveler because she is near JFK airport and uses Expedia. This could lead to a luggage ad with a local discount. Or, if a customer has an application installed on his device that indicates that he frequents coffee shops and if he spends time in downtown Seattle, he might see an ad for a Seattle coffee shop when he plays a game on his phone. Again, we do not share your personal identity with third-party advertisers.

T-Mobile, our ad partners, and advertisers play different roles in delivering interest-based ads to you. The types of data T-Mobile provides to our ad service partners is based on your current privacy settings. Ad service providers create profiles based on this data – for example “Traveler” or “Coffee Drinker”. As detailed below, these profiles are used by ad service providers to deliver the appropriate ads from advertisers. Advertisers only receive ad performance and aggregated reports on campaign effectiveness.


The choice is yours

You have choices about the level of personalization and use of your data for the Interest-based Advertising Program. You can opt-out of Interest-based Advertising at or view and set your Privacy & Notifications settings in My T-Mobile.

T-Mobile works with advertising providers to improve the relevancy of ads you see. You may notice a YourAdChoices Icon in certain ads. This icon indicates the ad is part of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA)’s Self-Regulatory program, and will appear on all ads in our Interest-based Advertising program. T-Mobile complies with the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles as stated in our Privacy Statement

If you click on the YourAdChoices Icon you may be taken to a page where you can opt-out of participation in T-Mobile’s Interest-based Advertising program. Ads that you see on your device that either do not have the YourAdChoices Icon or where the page reached by the icon does not reference T-Mobile Privacy Choices are not part of our program. For additional information about our practices and ways we are involved in advertising, see our Privacy Statement.

Additionally, to opt-out of all interest-based ads delivered in mobile apps on your smartphone, you can turn off your device’s Advertising Identifier. This choice will also impact ads that are not part of the T-Mobile Interest-based Advertising program.

Learn how to turn off Advertising Identifiers on:

Frequently Asked Questions

You are automatically enrolled in the Interest-based Advertising program as a T-Mobile customer and you will remain enrolled unless you opt-out.

T-Mobile does not share your Personal Information as part of the program without your permission. Rather, we link information to randomly generated identifiers (e.g.,  XlPnjZLJj9X8bA or adbbh2a5-56c3-8cca-8cbc-426c97f5c167). The data used in this program by default includes information about a customer’s general location based on the cell tower their phone is near (but not their device location unless they have affirmatively consented to this), summary information about what apps a customer uses and the sites they visit the most on the Internet over our network, advertising identifiers used to deliver relevant ads, hashed identifiers, along with some demographic data when available. For this program, we send this data to our ad services partners, and they are contractually prohibited from trying to use this data to identify any particular person and from sharing this information.

This data can be used by T-Mobile or our ad services partners to associate you with segments that do not identify you, but describe your perceived interests and demographics (e.g., sports enthusiast). These segments are used by advertisers to show ads that are aligned with your interests. The segment information, along with a device advertising identifier and other hashed identifiers, may be provided to advertising partners. When a third-party advertiser wants to reach a specific segment and/or demographic, advertising partners can use the device identifiers and the segment information to decide which ad to deliver. Your individual, personally identifiable data is not shared with advertisers.

Ad performance of device ad identifiers or aggregate information about an advertising campaign may be provided to advertisers or their attribution partners. For example, a report may show the fact that 200 customers who are categorized as “travelers” clicked on a luggage ad.

Additionally the profile and hashed identifiers may be used to deliver more relevant ads on your non-mobile devices, such as a computer.
When you see an ad with a YourAdChoices Icon you are able to click the icon to make a choice about whether you would like to receive ads based on your interests. T-Mobile advertising partners may display a link to the T-Mobile Interest-based Advertising Feature page ( where you can choose to opt-out if you do not want more relevant ads under the T-Mobile Interest-based Advertising program. As described in our Privacy Statement , you are free to opt out of this program at any time.

If you opt out of this program, we no longer provide the data described here to our ad services partners to deliver ads to your device. You will still see just as many ads; they just may not be as relevant to you.
In order to make the ads you see more personalized, you can choose to allow T-Mobile to use and share additional information with corporate affiliates (e.g., MetroPCS, T-Mobile, and T-Mobile Financial Services LLC) and ad partners as part of the program. Specifically, you may consent to our use of information that identifies you personally including web browsing and app usage and device location data to personalize your ad experience.

This data can be used by T-Mobile or our ad services partners to create a profile that does not identify you, but describes your perceived interests and demographics so advertisers can place ads that may be more relevant to you. The profile is provided along with a device advertising identifier and hashed identifiers to advertising partners. When a third-party advertiser wants to place an ad, advertising partners can bid on the ad inventory and then place the ad based on this profile. This profile information is never shared with advertisers. Ad performance or aggregate information about an advertising campaign may be provided to advertisers or their attribution partners.

For example, you may opt-in to the use of your web browsing and app usage data. If you check scores on the Seahawks game repeatedly, you may be classified as a Seahawks fan. Without your opt-in you might have only been classified as a sports fan, not a Seahawks fan. Later when you use the mobile web or apps you may see ads for Seahawks gear. Advertisers may receive a report showing that 500 customers categorized as Seahawks fans clicked the ad for Seahawks gear.