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Analytics and Reporting.

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At a glance

We use personal data to conduct Analytics and Reporting for our ad program, which helps us improve our products and services.

There’s no information that directly identifies you in the reports we share with other companies.

You can choose to opt out—just tell us not to use your personal data for Analytics and Reporting.

Why we analyze your data

We’re looking for patterns to help us understand consumer interests, behaviors, and trends.

After analyzing the data, we create reports for our use and for sharing with other companies. This is often called Analytics and Reporting.

For example, we might create a report showing how often a game app was downloaded in the past year across a large number of users.

We aggregate your personal data that doesn’t directly identify you with the information available from thousands of other consumers. For example, we might compile a report that shows how many views an ad received and what percentage of viewers clicked on that ad. 

We also take comprehensive steps to prevent these shared reports and analytics from containing data that directly identifies you. 

Data we collect for Analytics and Reporting

Phone data

  • Your network diagnostic information (Android phones only).
  • Your app usage data—including how long an app is open, how often you open an app, and whether an app is installed or uninstalled.
  • Your zip code.


Self-reported demographics data

While using certain products and services, you may provide information about yourself to us such as your age range—25-34, for example—and your gender identity. 

How to opt out

  • Go to our Privacy Dashboard.
  • Review the description under “Analytics and Reporting.”
  • If you want us to stop analyzing your personal data and using it to create reports, set the toggle to “OFF” or gray.

When we won’t use your data for Analytics and Reporting

  • You’ve designated your line as a Kids’ Line or if we know the information belongs to a child.
  • You use a company-liable T‑Mobile for Business or T‑Mobile for Government device.
  • You’re an Assurance Wireless customer.

For more information on Analytics and Reporting, read our T-Mobile Privacy Notice.

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