Privacy and security resources.

Here, you'll find resources to help you feel confident about your personal data at T‑Mobile We think it's important that you understand our practices and know how to manage privacy choices as well as your online security.

Data transparency.

You trust us with your personal data at T‑Mobile. It’s on us to make it easier for you to understand how we use and collect it, and when third parties may come into play.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

These technologies are used across the web to collect behavioral data as you interact with websites and apps.

Device Apps

Always review the privacy terms of mobile applications. We have no control over how non-T‑Mobile apps collect and use data over our network.


We have policies and procedures in place to help ensure our compliance with the Customer Proprietary Network Information rules adopted by the FCC.

T‑Mobile® MONEY

We partner with BankMobile to provide this banking service. The banking products are provided by BankMobile, and not T‑Mobile.

T‑Mobile ID

This is an authenticator used to prove your identity when you access and manage your T‑Mobile account.

Data-sharing and marketing choices.

We provide you with the ability to limit data sharing and set preferences for things such as marketing communications and personalized ads.

Marketing Choice

You can manage personal preferences when it comes to how T‑Mobile communicates offers and marketing efforts.

Advertising and Analytics

You can learn about advertising and analytics and manage your personal preferences.

“Do Not Sell”

You have the option to opt out of certain data we share, which may now be defined as a “sale” under California law.

Security for you and your family.

The more you know about online safety, the better you can protect your personal data and manage what’s best for your family online.

Online Privacy and Identity Theft Protection

You have the power to improve your online security. There are precautionary steps to take, fraud schemes to be aware of, and further resources available if you need them.

Family Controls

We offer products and services designed to help you set boundaries with your family’s device use, and specifically your children’s.

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