VoiceStream Announces Voice Enabled Blackberry and PC Data Card Available

March 03, 2002

Global Wireless Data to be National Master Dealer as Customers GET MORE options for Nationwide High-Speed Data Access

Bellevue, Wash. — Mar. 4, 2002

VoiceStream Wireless announces the availability of the BlackBerry 5810™ wireless handheld e-mail solution with Integrated Phone and the wireless PC Data Card Modem for use on VoiceStream's high-speed GSM/GPRS wireless data network called iStream. iStream is available in over 6500 cities across North America giving VoiceStream customers the most widely available wireless access to the Internet or corporate networks when used with virtual private networking software. VoiceStream's GPRS network is broadly available and provides speeds that rival or exceed standard dial-up wired connections. The two new devices are designed specifically for the VoiceStream network and provide consumers with a compelling new level of choice and flexibility for remotely accessing important information.

"2002 will be a great year for VoiceStream customers. We're delivering on a GET MORE promise that enables our customers to easily communicate and get faster access to the information they want and applications they know via new integrated devices," said Robert Dotson, VoiceStream's chief operating officer.

The new BlackBerry handheld now integrates phone functionality with the already popular Blackberry™ wireless email solution into a single, compact, and easy-to-use device. Customers receive a handsfree headset with speaker and microphone that enables hands free phone conversations and data access from a single device. At average speeds up to 40 kbps, Blackberry users can quickly and securely send and receive e-mail, text messages, update their corporate calendar and address book, access the Internet, and receive custom news and information alerts. No other wireless provider offers customers as broad high-speed data coverage and overall value in a single "pocket friendly" device.

While the BlackBerry offers customers a handheld solution, some customers prefer to use their laptop or Pocket PC personal digital assistant to access and view important information. The iStream wireless PC Data Card by Novatel Wireless, Inc. provides that flexibility and can be used with either type of device and is compatible with most Microsoft desktop operating systems as well as the Pocket PC 3.0 operating system for handhelds. Slightly larger than a credit card, customers simply slide the iStream PC Card into the PC card slot of a laptop or the PCMCIA expansion pack on a Pocket PC for 'always on, always connected' access through VoiceStream's high-speed wireless data network. Using the PC data card, Windows operating system application services, and the iStream network customers can securely access private and public networks while on the go.

"The iStream BlackBerry sets a new performance standard for a secure, enterprise solution that integrates voice and data, while the PC Data Card is an easy to use solution for the individual user who wants high-speed Internet access or for companies who have deployed VPN's or Web Outlook® services," said Cole Brodman, VoiceStream's VP for product development.

In related news, Global Wireless Data (GWD) will be a National Master Dealer for VoiceStream. GWD is a single source provider of a full range of wireless data products and integrated services for software companies, systems integrators and value-added resellers nationwide. As a result of the agreement, VoiceStream can now deliver its services throughout GWD's extensive channel partner customer base, which currently serves more than 1250 companies in the transportation, public safety, manufacturing, field service, utility industries and eCommerce markets. VoiceStream will have access to a larger customer distribution network than ever before.

The Blackberry Handheld with Integrated Phone retails for $499. Both data only and voice/data service plans are available. Customers get unlimited email access for $44.99 a month in addition to a megabyte of iStream browsing (approximately 350 web pages) and 300 text messages or custom alerts. For customers wanting to combine voice and data, unlimited e-mail and a megabyte of iStream is included for $39.99 in addition to the monthly voice service. Voice plans start at $19.99. The iStream PC data card is available for $274.99 and can be used with any existing iStream data rate plan. For $19.99 a month, customers receive 5 megabytes of data, the equivalent of approximately 90 web pages or 850 e-mails. Additional megabytes cost $5. For $39.99, customers receive 10 megabytes of data, the equivalent of approximately 180 web pages or 1,700 e-mails. Additional megabytes cost $4.

The iStream Blackberry is available for order through VoiceStream National Account and Business Sales at (866) 878-7222 (VSTRB2B), Research in Motion (RIM) and Global Wireless Data (GWD), a new National Master Dealer for VoiceStream's wireless data services. The iStream PC Card is also available through VoiceStream National Account and Business Sales as well as select VoiceStream retail outlets, www.voicestream.com and through Global Wireless Data (GWD).

Lindsay Morio

T-Mobile USA Media Relations



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