T-Mobile Staff Picks for: 9 Totally Ripped Apps!

April 29, 2020

Whether you’re looking to tone your tummy, burn some calories or just calm your mind, here we offer a roundup of the mobile apps we’ve enlisted as our COVID-era coaches.

For many, the adjustment to working from home and not being able to hit the gym has left us forgetting that other important WFH option: workouts for home! If you’re looking to turn a page in your WFH routine (either! both!), here are our staff’s favorite apps for staying physically and mentally fit.

Nike Training Club
“This removes any excuse you may have to not work out. Whether you have 5 minutes or 30, are just starting to work on your fitness or a full-blown athlete, there’s something for everybody. Just don’t get caught out by the choice or you’ll spend more time choosing a workout than actually doing it!” —P.J.

“It mainly caters to women, and you get multiple trainers for different types of at-home and gym workouts. They also give meal plans. 28-minute workouts that totally kick my butt.” —Katie M.

“You may be thinking, ‘Why, that’s not a fitness app!’ My response: You have much to learn, young Jedi. It’s fitness for your mind. Think about that for a second. In all seriousness, it’s important to keep your mind clear, healthy and sharp. This instructor-led meditation app does exactly that by sending you into a calm, cool trance.” —Chris S.

Peloton App
“No, it isn’t just for use with their bike. You can access 20-plus live classes per day and thousands of on-demand classes including running, yoga, meditation, walking, cycling (duh), stretching, bootcamps and more. You can even filter your class search by workout length, instructor and music type. Right now, they are offering a 90-day free trial, up from their usual 30-day trial.” —Rich T.

“In times like these, it’s easy to find myself stress-eating — a pattern I had worked really hard to beat over the last few months. Continuing to log everything I eat into MyFitnessPal keeps me honest and on track. It’s totally free and has a massive database of foods — even from your favorite restaurants — and logging takes mere seconds. It also connects to your fitness wearables to track your exercise/steps, and you can log your weight, blood sugar readings and more.” —Gina C.

Happy Scale
“I also love Happy Scale! As someone who’s become a convert to daily weigh-ins in my journey to better health, this app keeps me motivated. It doesn’t just track your weight, it shows you your trending weight, predictions on where you’ll be in the near (and distant) future based on your logging, and — my favorite part — lets you set mini milestones for yourself. So, if you’ve got a significant amount of weight you’d like to lose, you can break it up into three-pound increments or whatever you choose, making a daunting task feel so much more attainable. And, like MyFitnessPal, it’s free!” —Gina C.

7-Minute Workout
“I first read about this in the New York Times, and thought it was too good to be true. Also, possibly kind of easy — which is why I gave it a try! Man, was I wrong on both counts. You can shake up the routines, which include everything from wall sits to planks to jumping jacks to pushups, all of which can be done in virtually any room of your home. I began feeling more fit almost immediately, and it’s not hard to incorporate into my current work from home routine.” —Jason A.

Lose It
“Not a workout app, but a good app for minding what you put in your mouth! I absolutely love it! The app lets me set my own goals and helps track macros, if that’s your jam —which is 50 calories per tablespoon, by the way.” —Wendy R.

“You know when a meeting ends early but you have another one in a few minutes and know you can’t get any work done in that time? (Of course you do!) That’s when I fire up obé and sneak in a small workout with the On-Demand Express classes during the day. I also like having the longer live classes as an option, so once I’m done with work, I can head over to the living room and really get my sweat on. It’s so convenient!” —Sheila G.

Speaking of obé, T-Mobile customers can get a one-month free trial to the at-home fitness platform through T-Mobile Tuesdays starting Tuesday, May 5. After one-month, subscription automatically renews for $27/mo. unless you cancel first. To redeem, Android users can head over to the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, and iOS users can sign up at Customers can save the offer any time between Tuesday, May 5 and Thursday, May 7, and have until Sunday, May 10 to redeem.