One device, two lines, all the time. Sprint Multiline: A simple, all‑in‑one‑solution to your BYOD challenges.

August 10, 2018
Sprint honored with Frost & Sullivan 2018 New Product Innovation Award

In an era where employees are gravitating toward using their personal mobile devices for business, in lieu of having both a work and personal phone, both you and your employees are likely being tasked with navigating the challenges that come with this shift.

But how can you keep your business data secure on an employee’s personal device? How can you keep your employees at ease and assured that their personal items are being kept private? And how can you easily and efficiently manage compliance reporting and usage reimbursement? These are just a few of the complications faced in the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment of today.

Sprint’s MultiLine answers the call with a user-friendly solution to combat these issues and simply, but surely, offer your employees freedom while giving you more control over your business. Employees are given a second number for business on that same personal mobile device – which can operate on any phone, with any carrier. With the ability to easily switch back and forth between phone numbers through the MultiLine app, the employee can maintain separation between work and personal. For work phones specifically, an employee can switch between two work lines if needed. All on the same device1.

By addressing this niche and delivering a powerful, simple solution – Sprint’s MultiLine has made a significant impact on businesses, earning praise for its effectiveness through the Frost & Sullivan 2018 New Product Innovation Award.

“The Sprint MultiLine solution uniquely balances the reporting, security, and accounting needs of businesses while retaining employee freedom of choice and personal privacy,” said Brent Iadarola, vice president of mobile & wireless communications for Frost and Sullivan. “Sprint MultiLine is an innovative mobile solution that caters to the evolving demands of both businesses and employees in the era of BYOD.”

What are the benefits for employees?

  • Convenience of having one, single mobile device with personal devices doubling as a work device
  • The Sprint MultiLine app acts as a one-stop shop, enabling personal devices to double as work devices
  • Unlimited domestic calling and texting
  • Assigned number for each employee, separate from personal number


What are the benefits for businesses?

  • Keeps company information protected and housed in a safe place
  • Provides ease for compliance and regulatory issues
  • Saves businesses money by eliminating excess purchasing and maintenance costs that come with company-provided mobile devices 
  • Ability to set and control business parameters



1 Laws may apply to recording telephone calls and employer use of employee phones. Please obtain independent legal advice on how these laws my impact your business.