Sprint MultiLine Just Got Even Better with Salesforce Integration

By Sasha Gorman, Product Development – Sprint BusinessFebruary 24, 2020

Sprint Business aims to help businesses increase productivity and efficiency of their on-the-go customer facing employees, while keeping business information safe and separate from personal information. Sprint MultiLine was created to do just that – add a second number dedicated for business to any smartphone, no matter who provides your wireless service.


Sprint MultiLine service is an all-in-one solution that allows employees to use one device for personal and business use. The acclaimed bring your own device (BYOD) solution, Sprint MultiLine has earned multiple awards since its inception, including Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Product Leadership Award, for its unique carrier-agnostic platform that provides both ease of use and ease of administration for businesses of all sizes. And it just got better with an integrated Salesforceä experience – now available.


Sprint MultiLine service will now seamlessly connect with Salesforce, which can improve employee productivity by automatically capturing and logging customer communications, both calls and texts, in Salesforce. Users can also make and receive calls or texts directly to and from contacts in Salesforce – with just a click. Now with MultiLine for Salesforce companies can manage customer relationships from end-to-end with one phone, and in one place – improving communication efficiency and saving the cost of buying business-only phones.


The integration of Salesforce into Sprint’s solution – utilizing the Salesforce connector – will be pivotal for businesses whose employee’s day-to-day responsibilities require efficient customer communication tracking and seamless synchronization across users. Also considering the prevalence of customers choosing text messages as their preferred method of contact, Sprint MultiLine for Salesforce supports MultiLine’s current compliance features when capturing text messages in Salesforce.


When creating the Sprint MultiLine solution, our vision was to allow customers of all sizes to increase productivity and ease of management. The additional Salesforce feature supports that goal by integrating detailed tracking, notes and mobile communications automatically. And, I believe we’ve done it!


Salesforce features for Sprint MultiLine include:

  • The right number the first time. Make and receive calls and texts directly from the Salesforce desktop application using your MultiLine number, to save time and eliminate misdials.


  • Seamless customer relationship management. All calls and texts made while away from the office on the MultiLine app get automatically captured in Salesforce, so no further action is needed to synch up once you get back to the office.


  • End-to-end insights. The entire customer relationship is always on-hand which allows businesses to increase responsiveness to customers, better forecast sales opportunities and pinpoint a customer’s status in the sales lifecycle.


  • Regulatory compliance. Support for recording and redaction of customer communications to comply with regulatory mandates used by large enterprises and in certain industries.


Current MultiLine customers have seen exponential benefits from adopting Sprint MultiLine. MultiLine is a great fit as a second line solution for BYOD scenarios or as an add-on to corporate liable phones where regulatory compliance and communications management is needed1. The addition of MultiLine for Salesforce will further allow companies to increase productivity with ease.


Kudo’s to an even better Sprint Multiline solution and another way Sprint Business works for business.





1 Laws may apply to employer use of employee phones. Please obtain independent legal advice on how these laws my impact your business.