Leadership Story: Amy Bond, Sprint

January 28, 2020

Over her career, Amy Bond has worn many hats. 

Yet, regardless of roles —  including her current role as Energy & Sustainability Program Manager for Sprint Corporation —  it’s the day-to-day meetings, clear communications and relationships nurtured that she says get results. 

Amy’s video is part of a new series from Duke Energy Renewables: “Today’s Leaders. Tomorrow’s Heroes.” https://www.duke-energy.com/renewable-energy/customer-stories Unlike traditional case studies, this new series is all about leadership style, internal drive and courage to do differently. It focuses on the people leading the transition to sustainable energy across commercial, municipal and industrial sectors.

Amy’s tenacity, empathy and sheer positive energy inspire. These are talents she says are required to align and motivate diverse teams across Sprint, one of the US’ largest cellular carriers serving 54.5 million mobile customers. For Amy, she is committed to “do the work that matters” to help Sprint achieve its goal to become 100% carbon neutral.

“If Sprint’s core business is communication, then through a VPPA, through being engaged with clean energy, we’re communicating that this planet matters. That we matter. That the living things on this earth matter. That’s really the highest level of communication.”