Story 5G Wars: The Rise Of New T-Mobile

May the Fourth Be With You! Last year, T-Mobile was out to give the galaxy A New Hope For 5G. This year, (just like Rey and Kylo) T-Mobile and Sprint have formed an unprecedented dyad in The Force (of wireless). A merger of galactic proportions has closed, and New T-Mobile is here to restore peace and justice to the wireless space.

5G WARS Rise of New T-Mobile

T-Mobile had already laid a foundation of nationwide 5G covering more than one million square miles across 5,000+ cities and towns – and now has begun adding 5G depth with Sprint. Unlike the other guys, whose 5G growth seems to be frozen in carbonite…

5G Carbonite

We’re moving at hyper-speed to deliver the only three-layer approach to 5G in all of the galaxy. Our fleet of mmWave, mid-band, and low-band spectrum will bring balance to wireless with a combination of coverage, capacity and speed.

Starwars 5G Fleet

Do. Or do not. There is no try. At T-Mobile, our customers come first. Staying safe while staying connected. May the Fourth be with you!

Stay connected. While staying apart. 6 feet is two lightsabers long.



Capable device required for 5G, not all signals and devices are compatible, see device specs for details

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