Receive priority service when it matters most.

With Wireless Priority Service (WPS) on T-Mobile, eligible customers get priority access and preemption on our network, at no additional charge.

How to access and use WPS:


Get started

Look up your organization’s existing Homeland Security Point of Contact (POC). If your organization is not registered, establish a POC in order to activate WPS.


Apply for WPS

Have your organization’s Homeland Security POC submit an application for WPS. If approved, T-Mobile will be notified to activate it on your phone.


Call in an emergency

Two ways to make a call: Enter *272 before making an emergency call or call from the WPS dialer app to numbers stored in your contact list and call log.

The Department of Homeland Security determines WPS eligibility.

Who uses WPS?

WPS is available for federal, state and local governments, and public services/welfare organizations. The users often include executive leadership and policy makers; disaster response/military command and control; public health, safety, and law enforcement command; public services/utilities; and public welfare.

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