Priority service when it matters most.

Agencies registered for Wireless Priority Service (WPS) receive priority access and preemption on our nationwide network. We help with WPS registration—at no cost.

Priority access & preemption on T-Mobile.


The importance of WPS.

WPS is vital to national security and is administered by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA, part of DHS). It ensures priority access to cellular and landline networks for critical infrastructure agencies.


Registration is easy.

T-Mobile registers eligible organization lines for WPS at no charge and uses WPS enrollment to assign priority and preemption status for calls and data. No user action is required.


Assuring call completion.

If there is congestion on another network, a customer can obtain WPS-assigned priority for their call by dialing *272 or using a Priority Telecommunications Services app for cross-carrier calls.

The Department of Homeland Security determines WPS eligibility.

Why use WPS?

WPS is the only way to assure end-to-end voice call prioritization. On WPS-registered lines, T-Mobile provides priority access and preemption for voice and priority access for data. If congestion occurs on other networks, WPS users can obtain receiving-network priority, but not preemption, by dialing *272 or with the Priority Telecommunications Services app.

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Everything you need to know about WPS.

Receive prioritized voice and data services in emergencies.

Whether you’re placing an urgent call, rushing to a scene, or sharing critical files, the free WPS program has enrolled agencies covered. Learn how to enroll in three easy steps.

Stay connected when it matters most.

Discover how to prioritize your emergency communications with our one-page guide to priority access and preemption.

You have our backs—and WPS has yours.

Find everything you need to know about WPS—from enrollment, to benefits, to our 5G network—in this information booklet.

For more information, call or email.