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Business Credit

Get insights on leveraging business credit to finance a small business and building business credit during COVID-19.

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Join George Acheampong, founder and managing partner of Capitalwize LLC, as he walks you through exactly what business credit is, how to establish it for your business and what institutions offer programs for access and support.


Lesson 1

Business credit defined.


Lesson 2

How to establish business credit.


Lesson 3

Banks and credit institutions.

More resources to help your business get ahead.


How Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation (VSEDC) is leading the revitalization of South Central LA.

VSEDC is a community based non-profit that mobilizes dollars from the private sector and all levels of government to provide financial resources to small businesses in their community. See how VSEDC became a pillar within South Central Los Angeles, by providing access to business credit and business education to local businesses.

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5 Personal Credit Hacks to Boost Your Business Credit Score.

Obtaining business credit can open endless doors for business owners. Here are five actionable steps to improve both your business and personal credit.

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How To Build Small Business Credit: A Checklist.

Sometimes your business won’t have access to credit right away. To avoid relying on loans or investments, it’s important to take steps to establish a strong credit profile.

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Step By Step Guide To Establishing Business Credit.

Obtaining business credit enables you to access the capital needed for daily expenses, personnel, inventory, and more that contribute to the likelihood of your small business success. Download this checklist from George Acheampong, Founder of Capitalwize LLC, for helpful tips to access business credit.

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Expanding Your Customer Base To Build A Credit Friendly Business.

Sometimes your business won’t have access to credit right away. So, you need to identify strategies to structure your business in a way that allows you to diversify revenue opportunities—alleviating reliance on outside credit, loans or investments. 

About the workshop expert.

George Acheampong
Co-founder of Capitalwize LLC

George Acheampong is a prominent thought leader in the area of finance and entrepreneurship. He is the founder and managing partner of Capitalwize, LLC, a financial planning and investment management firm that works with aspiring and current first-generation wealth builders to become legacy leavers for their family. 

He is also the founder of Melanin Money, the #1 brand for wealth builders of color. Melanin Money creates merchandise, targeted initiatives, and programming with a mission of closing the wealth gap by 10%.

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The Magenta Edge educational content experience is an initiative to help small business owners get ahead.

These eight foundational themes cover the ins and outs of the small business journey and provide resources to help you set the pace for your success.

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Marketing & Communications

Find Out How To Market Your Small Business Through Smart Targeting And Storytelling.

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Access & Resources

Insight On Local And Federal Resources Available To Aspiring Small Business Owners.

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Business Operations

Find Out How To Develop A Proper Business Structure For Operational Efficiency.

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Generational Longevity

Understand How To Prepare Your Business For Generational Succession.

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Profit, Scalability, & Growth

Learn About Driving A Business To Profitability, Scaling Up, And Identifying Growth Opportunities.

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Navigating Barriers

Acknowledging And Addressing Systemic Barriers Black Business Owners May Face In Entrepreneurship.

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Explore The Intricate Details Of Tax Issues Facing Small Business Owners.

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Insights On Leveraging Business Credit To Finance A Small Business Andd Building Business Credit During COVID-19.

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