Helping solve the challenge of distance learning.

We provide educators, administrators, parents,
and students with tools and resources they need
to navigate this new era of remote education.
Internet connectivity is as critical to learning as books and pencils.

With insufficient infrastructure and a lack of resources, the impact on distance education can be felt nationwide.

Parents with student attending online class. Parents with student attending online class. Parents with student attending online class.

Students face challenges as educators lack preparation.

Fewer than half of 100 school districts surveyed by the Center for Reinventing Public Education offered summer professional development programs for educators or have a plan to coach educators on successful remote teaching practices.

“Connectivity is about opening up a world of vocabulary, experiences, and opportunities to see, hear, and learn from peers who just happen to be in other places.”

Dr. Kiesha Taylor, National Education Administrator, T-Mobile
We provide the tools for success.

Helping educators succeed in the new reality of distance learning. In our eBook, you’ll learn about:

Closing the homework gap.

Helping ensure that every student has equitable
access to education.

Teacher tips.

Navigate distance education from revisiting fundamentals to distance learning tools.

Harnessing technology.

Keep kids safe online and leverage existing tools without overloading students, parents, and teachers.

Meeting remote challenges.

Find new approaches from stretching and self-care to communicating in a new way.

Get the tools to solve distance learning.
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We believe access to the internet equals opportunity.

“Prior to the pandemic, between 15 and 18 million U.S. students out of 50 million total lived in a household that lacked either internet access, a digital device, or both.”

Female student studying. Female student studying. Female student studying.


Providing millions of children with service, hotspots, and more.

Access to the internet is access to opportunity. We created Project 10Million to help solve the homework gap and help ensure EVERY student has a reliable connection.

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