Check your device for damage that isn't covered by the warranty, whether you've dropped it, kicked it, or drop kicked it into a river.



How T-Mobile handles device damage

T-Mobile cannot process returns, trade ins, or warranty exchanges for devices that do not pass the condition check.


Returning a device through the mail

The warehouse will check the device condition when we receive it. If there happens to be damage, you may receive an Out of Warranty (OOW) fee on your bill statement. (Prepaid customers will have the defective device shipped back instead.)


Returning a device though Retail

A Mobile Expert will conduct a device condition check when you go to pick up a replacement. If there is out-of-warranty damage, unfortunately the Mobile Expert won't be able to complete the exchange.


Checking your device condition

There are four main things to check on your device. Click each link to learn more.

Screen damage

Liquid damage

Find My iPhone is turned off (Apple only)

Device turns on (Not required for buyer's remorse or warranty exchange)


Broken screen

Screen damage voids all warranties and can't be accepted.

  • When inspecting a screen, remove any screen protectors and cases first. Tilt the device under good lighting conditions, and inspect at multiple angles. Screen damage includes hairline cracks that are difficult to see.
  • Screen damage is:
    • Broken screen, including damage from swollen batteries that impacted the screen
    • Chew marks (from animals or children) on the screen
    • Cracked or crushed screen
    • Melted screen
  • Screen replacement or repair through a third-party voids the warranty. Repairs may also remove the required LDI.
  • Examples (click images to enlarge)

If the screen is damaged and you're enrolled in T-Mobile Device Protection or Protection<360>, see how to process a claim.


Liquid damage

Mobile devices have a Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) to show if the device has contacted any liquids. The indicator is white when it's new, and it turns pink or red when it contacts water.

  • The location of the LDI varies depending on the device. To find out more and see pictures, open the Devices page, select your device, and look for the Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) page.
  • If your LDI is:
    • White: The device may be eligible for warranty exchanges, buyer's remorse, device trade-ins, or a manufacturer warranty.
    • Pink or red: The device is out of warranty. This means it isn't eligible for returns.
    • Missing or tampered with: The device is out of warranty. Third-party repairs void the warranty and may remove the LDI.
  • Liquid damage can also cause batteries to swell. Pay special attention to the LDI if the battery is swollen.

If the device has liquid damage and you're is enrolled in T-Mobile Device Protection or Protection<360>, see how to process a claim.


Find My iPhone (Apple only)

Before we accept an Apple device, make sure Find My iPhone (FMiP) is disabled.

  • If the device doesn't turn on, you still need to disable FMiP. You can log into your iCloud account to disable the feature.
  • To turn off Find My iPhone, see Apple Find My iPhone Activation Lock.


Device turns on (Not required for buyer's remorse or warranty exchange)

If the device does not turn on at all or if it gets stuck during startup, it's considered not able to turn on.

  • JUMP! 1.0, JUMP! 2.0, Jump On Demand, and Trade-In programs all require the device is able to turn on before it can be returned.
  • Buyer's remorse and warranty exchange do not require a device to turn on.


Repair or replace a damaged device

No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Physical or liquid damage to your device is not covered under the warranty, so T-Mobile can't exchange devices with this damage. But, we don’t want you to be stuck with a broken phone, so you have two options to replace or repair your damaged device:

  • If you have Jump! or Device Protection, you may place a claim to replace your device with a new or refurbished one.
  • Some manufacturers offer to repair damaged equipment (for a fee). Contact the device manufacturer to see if they offer this service.
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