Avoiding bill shock

T-Mobile offers our customers a number of ways to avoid potential bill shock from unanticipated voice, messaging, and data overages. We do this by sending text alerts, online and phone access to account balance information, and family controls.

Overage alerts

Overage alerts can help you avoid unexpected high wireless bills, and are available to customers on rate plans with limited allotments of minutes, text messages, and/or data. T-Mobile automatically notifies you with a free text message when you come close to exceeding your plan allotments, and again when your allotments are used up. With T-Mobile Overage Alerts, you’ll know when you’re approaching additional charges or reduced data speeds, so you won’t be surprised by a high wireless bill or a slowed data experience.

Data usage

For customers on pay-per-use data plans, the first time you access the Internet with your device you'll be notified of how your data usage will be charged. Then, a separate message will be sent to the primary account holder to confirm that your device was used for Internet access.

For data plans with a monthly allotment, T-Mobile will notify you via free text message before you reach your allotted data plan usage, and again when you’ve reached your allotment. This message is also sent to the Primary Account Holder to notify you/them when you’ve exceeded your limit.

T-Mobile also offers overage-free mobile broadband data plans. Mobile broadband customers also receive the webConnect Manager software, which allows you to monitor how much data is being used, including an estimate of the amount of usage left on your plan.

If you're trying to find the right plan for data usage, use our helpful data calculator to quickly assess your monthly data needs. Or if you would like to check your data plan usage, you can view the Data Usage Meter from the T-Mobile App, or by signing in to My T-Mobile.

Scam Shield

Now that Sprint and T-Mobile have merged, our network is bigger and better than ever, and has advanced scam-blocking protection built into its core. So every customer can be better-protected—for FREE.

Qualifying service & capable device required. Turning on Scam Block might block calls you want; disable any time.

The Scam Shield app™

T-Mobile Scam Shield protects every customer with advanced scam-blocking technologies—for FREE. And with our Scam Shield app, you can easily manage your anti-scam features.

Qualifying service & capable device required. Turning on Scam Block might block calls you want; disable any time.

Port validation

This is a free account level feature that adds additional security to port out requests (transferring of your T-Mobile number to another carrier). It requires that a 6-to-15 digit PIN/passcode you create must also be validated by the new carrier before your number can be ported. Should you as the account owner choose to port-out numbers at a later date, this PIN/passcode is your secure key to do so.

To add Port Validation, have the Billing Responsible Party (BRP) call Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997 and request to add or update your PIN/passcode and add the Port Validation feature. Creating or updating your PIN/passcode directly with Customer Care ensures only authorized parties can remove Port Validation.

Message blocking

Message Blocking is a free T-Mobile service that allows you to block messages to and from your phone, to help you avoid unwanted messages.

You can block incoming and outgoing text messages (SMS), picture messages (MMS), Instant Messages (IM), and email.

Note: Blocking incoming and outgoing Instant Messages and email applies to phones which use text messaging to send/receive these messages. If you want to be able to send or receive messages, Message Blocking is not the right service for you. Messaging Blocking is intended to block messages in general, not to prevent overage charges. 

Web Guard

Web Guard is a free, optional service which restricts access to adult-oriented content (over 18) on your phone when you use the T-Mobile network. While Web Guard can be a big help, it's not foolproof. It may or may not block or filter some content, including user-generated content such as Instant Messaging (IM), email, and text messages. But it's a good start.
Learn more about Web Guard

Content blocking

Content Blocking allows you to block T-Mobile downloadable content—games, ringtones, wallpaper, and CallerTunes®—from your handset. This free feature can help you avoid unwanted charges from downloadable content.
Learn more about content blocking

Family Allowances

Family Allowances® makes it easy for parents to keep control of their wireless account and avoid unexpected overage charges, by setting upfront limits on family plan minutes, messages, and downloads. 
Learn more about Family Allowances

International usage alerts

When traveling internationally, T-Mobile sends a text message to alert you to applicable charges for voice, text, and data while roaming. And in order to get the best rates while abroad, T-Mobile encourages you to call T-Mobile for international rates and options.
Learn more about international services

Check account usage and balance

Not only can you check your usage online, T-Mobile also offers customers the ability to check account usage at any time of day for free, right on your T-Mobile phone. Check your minute usage and balance from your phone by using My Account or by dialing the following short codes:

  • Check minutes used: Dial #MIN# (#646#) and press Send
  • Check text messages used (not available for prepaid customers): Dial #MSG# (#674#) and press Send
  • Check data usage: Dial #WEB# (#932#) and press Send
  • See your account balance and plan information: Dial #BAL# (#225#) and press Send

Learn more about checking your usage and balance

The T-Mobile app

Manage your account and stay connected on your time, on your terms–it’s super easy. With the T-Mobile app, checking your usage is as simple as opening it, and paying your bill is only two clicks away. The app also allows you to receive free minutes usage alerts, payment reminders, billing summaries, and other service-related information.
Learn how to get the T-Mobile App

Third-party service provider billing

Certain third-party charges (games, apps, ringtones, etc.) may be included on your T-Mobile bill. If you want to block those third-party charges from being included on your T-Mobile bill, you may do so at no charge by visiting or calling T-Mobile Customer Service.

Stolen devices

T-Mobile, along with CTIA, is committed to stopping the theft of mobile devices. Devices reported stolen will not work on the T-Mobile network or on most other networks around the world. If you wish to verify if a particular device has been reported stolen, you may do so by verifying you International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI) online.
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