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Use this page to view and understand the usage on your T-Mobile account.

View/print usage

If you have access to a computer, a printer, and a postpaid account, you can print up to one year of your phone records through

  1. Log in to  
  2. In the top menu, select Usage.
  3. When the usage details display, choose the type of usage: 
    • Data
    • Messages 
    • Calls
  4. Select the line you want to view. 
  5. Go to the bottom of the page and select Download usage records.
  6. Save the file to your desktop, then open and print it. 

Usage details

  • T-Mobile sends you a free text message when you reach 80% or 100% of your usage.
  • Data, text and minute usage while roaming may take up to 30 days to appear and may impact what shows as available.
  • If you change your plan on any day but the first day of your billing cycle, any usage before the plan change isn't included.
  • For shared accounts (like a business account), text usage shows both your usage and the pooled usage combined.
  • Data and text usage is displayed in Pacific Time (PT) and typically updates every two hours.
  • Smartphone Mobile HotSpot usage is only available in the T-Mobile app.

Get the most from your data

  • Connect to Wi-Fi when you can. Data used over Wi-Fi doesn't count against your high-speed data plan.
  • Turn off data for apps that you only want to use over Wi-Fi. Most devices have a setting to turn off cellular usage for specific apps.
  • Uninstall any apps or widgets you don't need. Some apps access data even while the screen isn't on.
  • Edit your Facebook settings to turn off automatic video play while connected to cellular data.
  • Monitor your usage - sending or receiving emails uses very little data, while online gaming or streaming videos, TV, and movies uses much more.
  • If you received a message about using 50 GB of data, check out the My data usage page. 
  • Additional help with usage
  • Log in to to change your plan.
  • Check out the Find the right plan for you page if you're not sure which plan you want.
  • Visit the Internet and data issues page if you're experiencing data issues.

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