It’s official! T-Mobile & Sprint have merged!
Sprint support pages are available for existing Sprint accounts here. If you are looking for more, visit our Migration Center.

Click the button below to check your data, text message, or minute usage.


Things to keep in mind

  • If you reach 80% or 100% of your minutes, texts, or data usage, we'll send you a free text message alert at each threshold.
  • Data, text and minute usage while roaming may take up to 30 days to show on your account and may impact what shows as available.
  • If you change your plan on any day but the first day of your billing cycle, any usage before the plan change isn't included.
  • For pooled accounts (like a business account), text usage shows both your usage and the pooled usage combined.
  • Data and text usage is displayed in Pacific Time (PT), and typically updates every two hours.
  • Usage details are available only to customers on monthly postpaid plans. They aren't available to prepaid accounts.
  • Smartphone Mobile HotSpot usage is only available in the T-Mobile app.


Get the most from your data

  • Connect to Wi-Fi when you can. Data used over Wi-Fi doesn't count against your high-speed data plan.
  • Turn off data for apps that you only want to use over Wi-Fi. Most devices have a setting to turn off cellular usage for specific apps.
  • Uninstall any apps or widgets you don't need. Some apps access data even while the screen isn't on.
  • Edit your Facebook settings to turn off automatic video play while connected to cellular data.
  • Monitor your usage - sending or receiving emails uses very little data, while online gaming or streaming videos, TV, and movies uses much more.
  • If you got a message about using 50 GB of data, check out the Data Usage FAQs​.


Business account with 21+ lines

  1. Log in to My T-Mobile.
  2. In the 'My current usage' section on the main screen, view usage or click See my usage to view usage for specific lines.
    • Click Usage under the ‘My phone’ section and then click View all account usage to view usage for specific lines.
    • View usage for a specific line by selecting Manage > Recent Use from the top navigation bar.


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