Biometric Information Policy

Effective: March 26, 2019

T‑Mobile cares about your security and protecting you against fraud. We may use ID scanning and photographic fraud prevention technologies when you interact with us to verify your identity, safeguard your account from unauthorized use, and other lawful purposes.

Our Uses and How Long We Keep the Information Collected

When we scan your ID or take your photo, we may create a biometric signature of the image, and capture other information from your ID. We use this information to verify the authenticity of your ID and analyze your photo’s biometric signature to prevent fraud. We may compare (1) the photo on your ID with a photo of you taken later, (2) the photo on your ID scan between your visits to Sprint, and/or (3) the photo we collect against photos of persons that may have been involved in fraudulent transactions with Sprint or other companies. Transactions we detect as potential fraud may be further reviewed. We may use all the information we collect to protect our rights and property, and the rights of other affected persons.

We will generally keep the biometric photo information associated with your transaction for two years, unless legally required to keep it for a different period. This information will usually only be shared with our corporate affiliates and trusted vendors involved in fraud prevention. However, if we determine that a transaction may involve fraud, we may keep the biometric information and associated details longer and it may also be shared with other companies or entities for fraud prevention purposes, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

Your Privacy Choices

You may decline to have your ID scanned or photo taken, but doing this may affect our ability to protect you and your account from identity theft, as well as affect our prompt processing of your requested transaction.