Device Apps

Please carefully review the terms of use and privacy policies of apps you install or use on your device.

Most mobile devices can run applications (“apps”) available through various app marketplaces (usually managed by the developers of the device operating system (“OS”) such as Apple and Android). Except for T‑Mobile-branded apps, apps are developed and provided by third parties, over which we have no control. Most marketplaces require the app provider to identify themselves and make available the terms and privacy policies that govern the application. Although apps often use data connections (either our wireless network or a Wi-Fi network) to send and receive data, we don’t control how the app provider collects and uses data from the app even when delivered over our wireless network.

If you install a third-party application on your device, the privacy policy of the app provider will govern the way in which your personal data may be collected and used by the app—not T‑Mobile's privacy policy.

Different apps will access and use different kinds of information— and your device OS will not always force the app provider to get your explicit consent for such use. For example, an app may access certain information stored on your device (such as your contact list or photos) or use your device’s location. You should always ask, “Who is gathering/using/sharing my personal data in connection with a specific app and what are my options for controlling how my information is treated?”

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