STATEMENT: Response to Customer Concern

June 07, 2012

Bellevue, Wash. — Jun. 8, 2012

T-Mobile cannot cancel a phone number without consent from a customer, and instead of calling T-Mobile immediately to change his phone number, Mr. Guy contacted an attorney and kept the phone number active on his account. The phone number was active for more than a month, in spite of repeated requests from T-Mobile to change the phone number. Mr. Guy finally contacted T-Mobile yesterday and cancelled the line of service at which time T-Mobile took steps to retire the phone number from service. While we regret the inconvenience to Mr. Guy, this could have been addressed immediately had he contacted T-Mobile, as we repeatedly asked Mr. Guy’s lawyer to advise his client to do. T-Mobile has now canceled the line, credited Mr. Guy’s account for his charges, waived his early termination fee, and taken the phone number out of circulation so it will not be used again.

T-Mobile and other carriers regularly provide previously used phone numbers to customers and that is what happened when Mr. Guy activated his new account in May. In this case, the primary account holder who was previously assigned this phone number was not, in fact, Mr. Zimmerman. Additionally, this phone number had been held out of circulation for 60 days when it was reassigned to Mr. Guy.  

Lindsay Morio
T-Mobile USA Media Relations


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