Targeting fitness fans with Audience Marketplace

Audience Marketplace data helped a music streaming app target fitness fans and re-engage inactive users.


Cost per re-engaged user


CPE savings


CTR lift


A leading music streaming service wanted to encourage inactive users to return with a campaign offering a free trial. It would use two creative routes—one more generic, focused on app functionality, and one fitness-focused, pitting its service as the perfect partner for long workouts.


In this targeted re-engagement campaign, messaging went out to inactive users of more than 30 days. The audience was layered with Audience Marketplace Health & Fitness Enthusiasts persona. The audience received both creative routes to test whether the contextually relevant messaging would hit home more.


By targeting Audience Marketplace's Health & Fitness Enthusiasts across both creatives and comparing these with the total inactive user pool, the advertiser achieved a massive lift in CTR. 2.6x greater, that is. Oh, and a reduction in CPE in both creative treatments. Success.