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Plan your campaign with exclusive audience insights

The more you know about your audience and what interests them, the more intelligent your advertising and effective your communication.

Find your best customers with T-Mobile Mobility Data

Our cookieless, MAID-based data provides a comprehensive—and privacy compliant—view of the apps a user has downloaded, and how often they engage with them.

Compel consumer action with a greater understanding of the buyer journey

We combine exclusive T-Mobile Mobility Data with billions of daily behavioral, environmental, and contextual data signals to reveal who your audience is, what they do, where they go, and what they buy.

See how a popular streaming service leveraged T-Mobile Mobility Data to convert new subscriptions


Activate your audience when and where it matters most

Command attention across screens and drive action throughout the customer journey with our always-on, omnichannel solutions.

A woman using her phone with the apps she's using revolving around the screen.

App Lifecycle Marketing

A couple is at home in the living room, they are sitting on the couch and watching movies

Advanced Video

Three people in a rideshare looking at a phone.

Rideshare Advertising


Measure your performance with our proprietary analytics reporting suite

App Insights takes exclusive T-Mobile Mobility Data beyond targeting to drive real-world performance gains. With transparent campaign measurement, you’ll see what worked, what didn’t, and how to optimize for future success.

Intuitive dashboards bring your audience into focus

With privacy-compliant app insights at your fingertips, you can measure the impact of your marketing to enhance segmentation, optimize media, and drive user behavior.

Powerful reports provide actionable insights

With visibility into app ownership, you can re-engage active users to drive premium offerings, re-target dormant users to build usage and loyalty, or even conquest the inactive users of key competitors.

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