Digital Out-Of-Home

Deliver impact with addressable DOOH

Seamlessly apply your online audience targeting approach to the real world. Connect the who with the where to deliver impactful, full-funnel DOOH campaigns to the right audience at the right place and time.

Success stories

Performance that consistently outperforms industry benchmarks.

A popular social media app generated 14% uplift in brand awareness among users of competitor apps.

A leading telco raised purchase consideration by 12% among a key audience of rural consumers.

A rapidly growing energy drink brand raised purchase intent by 11% among an untapped demographic.

Why DOOH amplifies results

Advanced targeting

Target T-Mobile's scaled, fresh, and holistic first-party audiences in the offline world.

Man sitting on the ground, drinking coffee and petting the dog lying next to him. A magenta text bubble connected to the dog and man reads “Pet owner.”

Easy activation

Activate across dozens of venue types and media owners via one insertion order.

Man looking at mobile phone, standing in front of outdoor digital display with “T-Mobile Advertising Solutions” on it.

At scale

Achieve incremental reach vs. traditional online channels on 700k DOOH screens in premium environments.

Looking down on city full of skyscrapers.

How it works

Icon of smart phone displaying icon of a person on the screen.

Step 1

Identify audiences (the who) using T-Mobile first-party data and propensity modeling.

Icon of map with magenta pins on it.

Step 2

Layer T-Mobile first-party data with third-party location data to understand the movement patterns of a particular audience.

Icon of computer display with arrow in the middle.

Step 3

Activate appropriate screens (the where) based on a 7-day lookback.

One-stop shop: easy activation across premium DOOH environments


Icon of a train for Transit.


Icon of an airplane for Airports.


Icon of a fork, knife and plate for Restaurants.

Gas stations

Icon of a gas pump for Gas Stations.


Icon of an apartment building for Apartments.


Icon of a grocery cart for Grocery.


Icon of an office building for Offices.


Icon of a small store for C-Store.


Icon of a smart phone with a car icon on the screen for Rideshare.


Icon of a ticket stub on a calendar page for Cinema.

Click here to learn more about our O&O Rideshare Media Network.

Full-funnel measurement

Work with our specialists and research partners to ensure your DOOH campaign achieves the intended outcome.

Brand lift: Gauge the overall brand health and perception across your target audiences.

Location lift: 3rd party privacy-compliant location data can be used to connect ad exposure to brick-and-mortar visitation for actionable insight.

Sales lift: Link consumer purchase signals and campaign exposures to gain insights into understanding sales lift, sales strategy, and inform additional revenue opportunities.

Illustration of a funnel divided vertically into 3 sections - Awareness at top, Consideration in middle, and Conversion at bottom.

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