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The measurement landscape is fluid. As it evolves, we strive to stay ahead, so you can, too. We’ve fostered close partnerships with measurement specialists who have consistently delivered accurate data and actionable insights. And now we’re offering you access to all those experts on one platform—T-Mobile Advertising Solutions. Gain the data you need to secure the campaign performance you expect.

Explore our partners’ unique capabilities by vertical

Brand Lift Measurement

Gauge the overall brand health and perception across your target audiences.
Measure the full effectiveness of a campaign spanning these key metrics:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase Intent
  • Favorability
  • Ad Recall, and more
Brand Lift Measurement partners include, Dynata, Lucid, Upwave, Big Village, and Kantar

Location Measurement

3rd-party privacy compliant location data location data can be used to connect ad exposure to brick-and-mortar visitation for actionable insight into:

  • Campaign Effectiveness – total impact of the campaign on brick-and-mortar visitation
  • Audience – audience profile of devices that saw the ad versus those that saw the ad and visited the location​
  • Media – which publishers, creative and placements drove the most in-store visits
  • Geolocation – understand the geographies that had the most visitation
Location Measurement partners include, Foursquare, Infillion, and Cuebiq

Sales Conversion

Link consumer purchase signals and campaign exposures to gain insights into understanding sales lift, sales strategy, and inform additional revenue opportunities:

  • Budget planning and analysis
  • Marketing segmentation
  • Financial analysis and forecasting
Sales Conversion Measurement partners include Mastercard

Cross-Platform Measurement

Understand reach and frequency across Digital, CTV and Linear to prove campaign ROI:

  • Measure by Platform, Digital Publisher, TV Network, Demographics and TV & Digital Overlap
  • Gain insight into how ad spend drives viewers—link stimulus events and conversion events that occur on devices in the same household
Cross-Platform Measurement partner includes, Samba TV

Ask your T-Mobile measurement specialist how to leverage access to leading measurement experts to gain the campaign performance you expect.