Native App Install helps popular QSR double reach

A well-known Quick Service Restaurant used Native App Install's sophisticated targeting to double their reach on US Android devices.

2,100 +

Daily downloads

600 +

Daily installs


This quick service restaurant was looking to acquire new, high-quality users efficiently and at scale in the US. To do this, the advertiser wanted to bid on a Cost Per Download (CPD) business model in order to acquire new users, while maintaining a specific Day 30 Cost Per Registration (CPR) goal.


    The client chose to run a campaign using Native App Install to reach new users at an early touchpoint.

    After reviewing initial performance, it was identified that both user age & device model were key drivers in varying performance levels. Due to Native App Install’s sophisticated targeting capabilities, the advertiser was able to dynamically bid on both age group (18-54) and device model (value devices) to push traffic towards the strongest CPR performing segments.


The advertiser consistently beat their CPR goal and doubled their reach on US Android devices.