meet the Un-carrier

We’re standing up for consumers and advertisers to redefine an industry. Again.

Octopus Interactive is now part of Marketing Solutions, a division of T‑Mobile USA

Deliver premium video ads to a captive audience.

Mobile-originated solutions for a digital world

Ever feel like relevant, engaging and safe advertising is an impossible ask?
Not anymore.


Our solutions target real audiences, in brand-safe environments, with always transparent results.


Be sure your ads reach the right people at the right time. Seems obvious, right? 


Connect with audiences where and when it matters most using our engaging formats. 

Your challenges are our challenges

We know marketers because we’re one of the world's biggest. And one of the most disruptive. Solving industry challenges? It’s in our DNA.

Audience Reach


industry leading, vetted data partners


unique mobile ad IDs


supercharged T‑Mobile customers*

Billions of data points for custom audience creation

*Potential reach

Here for every stage of the journey

We know first-hand the challenges that come with running campaigns. So our Un-carrier approach is present at every stage.

Plan campaigns

Effortlessly build and activate custom audiences using Mobility Data and the billions of mobile-centric data points in our Audience Marketplace.

Engage audiences

Get your message out cross-screen 
with interactive, fraud-free media formats that work for both your brand and your customers.

Measure effectiveness

Know exactly how your campaign is performing and measure real-life lift and impact.

Case Studies

Whatever your business objectives, we have a solution for you.

Targeting fitness fans with Audience Marketplace

Reaching gamers with Audience Marketplace data

Targeting millennial moms with Audience Marketplace