No limits. No overages. No annual service contracts.

Wireless freedom starts at $50

Unlimited everything for everyone

Get started with unlimited talk, text, and data on our network for $50 including up to 1GB 4G LTE. Add a second line for $30. Every line after that is just $10 more. Plain and simple—we don’t do hidden fees.

We do blazing fast 4G LTE data—included in the Simple Choice Plan. Start with up to 1GB and choose affordable options for more—up to unlimited 4G LTE! And, if you hit your 4G LTE data limit, then unlimited data still kicks in at reduced speeds, so you can manage your data without paying more.

Plus, for customers with 3GB of data or more, with Data Stash, unused 4G LTE data rolls forward into the next month. Goodbye overages. Hello network designed Data Strong™.

Simply included in every Simple Choice Plan

Travel the world unlimited

Unlimited international data & text in over 120 countries and destinations, at no extra charge. The world is your network.

Text to virtually anywhere

International texting from the U.S. to just about anywhere in the world is part of the package, at no extra charge.


Stream all the music you want

Data charges don’t apply to your infinite playlist. Get unlimited streaming on services like Pandora® and iHeartRadio®.


Share data to multiple devices

Smartphone Mobile HotSpot lets you tether your phone’s data to multiple devices, so your 4G LTE data can do more.


Call and text with Wi-Fi

Now, every Wi-Fi connection works like a T-Mobile tower. And it just works. Call and text like never before.


Text mile-high for free

T-Mobile is the only U.S. wireless carrier to give you free in-flight texting with Gogo.® The sky is now unlimited.

Customize the Simple Choice Plan so it’s right for you

Start with unlimited talk, text, and data on our network for $50

Includes up to 1GB of 4G LTE data.

Add more lines and savings

Second line is $30 per month.
Additional lines are $10
per month per line.
up to 1GB 4G LTE per line.

Add more 4G LTE data

Up to 3GB for $10 more per month per line.
Up to 5GB for $20 more per month per line.
Unlimited for $30 more per month per line.

How much data is right for you?

Finding the right amount of data for you is easier than you think, and you can always add more data as your needs increase. Whether you’re a casual or heavy data user, you won’t get penalized with data overage charges.

The Simple Choice Plan

  • Simple Choice includes up to 1GB of 4G LTE Data at no extra cost.
  • Ideal for people who primarily use their phone for basic activities like surfing, social posting, and email.

Simple Choice with Additional 4G LTE data

  • 3GB of 4G LTE data and above includes Data Stash, which allows unused data to roll forward into the next month beginning with a Free Data Stash of 10GB of 4G LTE data to use before you begin rolling forward.
  • Perfect for users who like to stream music and download content, as well as for those whose data usage varies from month-to-month.

Simple Choice with Unlimited 4G LTE

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data.
  • Created for power users—people who use their phone all day and every day to upload, download, surf and stream.

We make it simple to get wireless freedom

Contract Freedom™ for all

We’ll help you break free from your unwanted contract and your old carrier. Make the switch, trade in your old device, and we pay your family’s early termination fees with a Visa® Prepaid Card. It’s our simple plan to break free, for everyone.


Best trade-in value guaranteed

If you find a better trade-in value from AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, we’ll beat it. And, for a limited time, we’ll give you $50 more, so can trade up to that phone and tablet you want today.

Eligible device trade-in, qual’g credit, & new device purchase with qual’g postpaid service req’d. ETF Offer: Port-in req’d. Card issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC. Card expires. Trade-In Offer: Verification of competitor trade-in value must be presented within 7 days after trade-in to receive bill credit.

Questions on plans?

It’s our mission to not be like all the other wireless carriers, and one way we're doing that is by not locking you into a restrictive 2-year contract with our plans. And since there are no annual service contract requirements, there are no early termination fees, and you can upgrade when you want.

Why T-Mobile

At T-Mobile we don't charge overage fees for domestic use. With our Simple Choice Plan, once you have used all the 4G LTE data included in your plan, your data speed will automatically convert to up to 2G web speeds for the remainder of your billing cycle. At the beginning of your next billing cycle you will start over with a new allotment of 4G LTE data.

Because we don’t lock you into a restrictive 2-year service contract with our plans, it’s easier for you to change plans when you need to.

To change your plan or get more information, log onto My T‐Mobile

We’ve made it simple for you to switch to T-Mobile. First you select a phone or device—you can either shop for a new one or bring your own. If you bring your own you should first check if it’s eligible. Then you choose how much high-speed data you want and head to our secure checkout. Then all you do is give us your old account information, and we’ll contact your carrier to complete the process.

Learn more about how to switch

A 4G data network is the technology that provides the mobile internet access for your phone, tablet, laptop and other wireless devices. Our nationwide 4G LTE data network is fast so you can surf, download, stream and email quickly from any device, virtually anywhere.

It’s simple, all you have to do is activate a qualifying Simple Choice Plan with T-Mobile. No need to add a separate feature or service to your account or call Customer Care before you travel. International roaming with unlimited data and text is now included in qualifying plans at no extra charge.

Nothing – it is included in your rate plan monthly charge for all Simple Choice customers (excluding no credit plans).

No. Customers will have unlimited web speeds great for web browsing and e-mail,  social networking and occasional use of certain features like GPS/maps. Some applications like streaming music or video will be more difficult than when on T-Mobile’s domestic network. However, higher-speed data passes will be available for purchase when you are abroad:

  • Single day pass: $15 for 100MB (high speed data capped at 100MB)
  • 7 day pass: $25 for 200MB (high speed data capped at 200MB)
  • 14 day pass: $50 for 500MB (high speed data capped at 500MB)

Users traveling to a country outside of Simple Global will incur text charges at $0.50 per text and data roaming charges at our standard World Class rates of $15/MB (plus taxes & fees). Voice charges vary by country. See specific country rates by entering the country you are traveling to above.

No. But with our Stateside International Talk & Text feature you can get unlimited calling to landlines and texting to many countries including Mexico, and even unlimited mobile to mobile calling to countries like Canada, China and India. Learn more about Stateside International Talk & Text here.

If you are on a Simple Choice plan that includes international roaming, calls and texts back to the U.S. while using our Wi-Fi calling feature are free and calls from any Simple Global country to any other country are $0.20/min (same as cellular). Wi-Fi calls made from non-Simple Global countries to other countries are charged at World Class rates.

Customers must have a device with a compatible frequency for the country they are traveling to for their device to function. Most recent smartphones are quad-band, and support frequencies in almost any country. To confirm your device’s compatibility, enter the country you are traveling to on the page above and enter your device to see whether your device is compatible with the network frequency in that country.

Yes. Qualifying Simple Choice customers (new and existing with approved credit) – excluding pay-in-advance and Simple Choice no credit – are eligible.

  • Also includes DHI, Mobile Internet, Classic and Value plans that launched since March 2013
  • All Simple Choice plans for business are also included

Legacy customers are able to take advantage of the same international rates by migrating to an eligible rate plan.  All legacy customers can migrate to New Classic plans without a migration fee. 

Eligible Rate Plans include:

  • Simple Choice consumer & business plan (new and existing with approved credit) – excluding pay-in-advance and no credit family
  • New Classic consumer & business plans since March (AKA Simple Choice Classic)

No. Pay-in-advance and Simple Choice no credit are excluded as a credit check is required to access this added benefit of our Simple Choice plan.

T-Mobile’s plan is intended for customers who live in the U.S. and are traveling outside of the U.S. for work or casual travel. Customers living or traveling abroad for extended durations (e.g., more than 5 weeks) would be better served with other international options, like local service, as the majority of your usage must be on T-Mobile’s U.S. network.

As long as the majority of your usage is on T-Mobile’s U.S. network, you will experience unlimited data and text. Service may be terminated for excessive roaming, misuse, or abnormal use.

It’s simple, all you have to do is activate a qualifying Simple Choice Plan with T-Mobile. No need to add a separate feature or service to your account or call Customer Care before you travel. Unlimited international data and text are now included in qualifying plans at no extra charge. 

If you have a qualifying Simple Choice plan but do not want your device to have international roaming in 120+ countries and destinations, you may call 611 from your T-Mobile device and block the feature on your account. Wi-Fi usage will not be blocked, however, and calls and texts over Wi-Fi may incur additional charges depending on where you’re calling or texting. If you would later like to remove this block, you may call the same number.  Please note that only Primary Account Holders may remove the block.

Still have questions?

Call 1-800-T-MOBILE:  1-800-866-2453

Still have questions?

Call 1-800-T-MOBILE:  1-800-866-2453