The best tablet plan in wireless

T-Mobile provides a tablet plan with exceptional value. It starts with a data plan like no other. When you add a tablet, we’ll match your smartphone’s data plan for only $10 per month, up to 5GB. Now you can take your tablet along for the adventure, even beyond the Wi-Fi zone.

There’s more. Travel to any of our 140+ countries and destinations, and you can check your email, search for restaurants, or even get directions at no extra charge. Plus, with Music Freedom, you can stream all you want from top streaming services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, Google Play, and more without using your data. It’s all included in your tablet plan at no extra charge.

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Get the latest 4G LTE tablets for no money down.

T-Mobile brings you an incredible selection of 4G LTE tablets, all from the brands you know and love. And all our most popular tablets are available for $0 down.

Break Free from your old carrier 

Stuck with your current carrier? T-Mobile can set you free. We’ll pay off your phone with a trade-in credit and Visa® Prepaid Card when you trade it in–every last cent. Stuck in annual service contracts? We’ve got those covered, too. So why wait? Ditch your carrier and their switching fee today.

A Data Strong™ network that’s perfect for tablets

Data speed and capacity are key when you take your tablet out of the Wi-Fi bubble. That’s why we designed our network differently—for data. Download, surf, and stream to your heart’s content, with the fastest growing U.S. wireless company, delivering blazing fast LTE speeds.