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Bring your own phone
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Bring your own phone
Get a Free SIM

A simple switch of your SIM card could get you on our high-speed network.

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Here’s how to bring your own phone

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Check your phone's compatibility with our network.
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Choose a Plan

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Once your SIM arrives, simply insert it into your existing phone and you are ready to go.

Questions on bringing your device?

The steps are simple:
1) Select the right 3-in-1 SIM card for your GSM or LTE device. Phones require a 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kit. Tablets and hotspots require a 3-in-1 Data SIM Starter Kit.
2) Pick a plan.
3) Check out.

See How to Switch for more information on switching to T-Mobile.

When your SIM card arrives simply follow the manufacturer’s set-up procedure to insert the new card into your device. Then start using it. It’s that easy.


The T-Mobile 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kit fits all GSM phones.
The T-Mobile 3-in-1 Data SIM Starter Kit fits all compatible GSM and LTE tablets, hotspots and mobile internet devices.

In order to get the 200 MB of free data per month, you need to activate a Mobile Internet account and register your tablet on our network. You don’t need to pay for an additional data plan.

If you are a postpaid customer, you’ll need to have an On Demand data plan at minimum which is $0/mo if you are a voice customer (after $10 line credit).
See our postpaid Mobile Internet plans

If you are a Prepaid customer, you’ll need to activate a Prepaid account. You do not have to a purchase data pass in order to access your free data.
See our prepaid Mobile Internet plans

Customers who want to finance their tablet and are well qualified can activate a Simple Choice Mobile Internet monthly plan with high speed data and will receive free 200MB data each month in addition to the data allocated from the plan.

Yes. All tablet customers are entitled to the 200MB/month free data for life offer, as long as they have active Mobile Internet accounts. And if you’re a well-qualified voice customer on a qualifying postpaid Mobile Internet plan, you’re also eligible to get $0 down (EIP) on tablets even if you’re just on the free data ($0 MRC On Demand rate plan*, without purchasing additional data).

Please note that with $0 down device financing, you will need to make a monthly device payment over 24 months. If you cancel your wireless service, the remaining balance on the device becomes due. 0% APR, on approved credit.
* after $10 voice customer discount

If you have your new device, or new SIM card for an existing device, then you can transfer or port your phone number in one of two ways:

  1. Contact Customer Care: dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone or call 1-877-453-1304
  2. Bring your device to a T-Mobile store. Store locator

If you plan to purchase a new device or SIM card online, you will have the option to transfer your number during checkout. To check the transfer eligibility of your existing number or to find more information about transferring your number during online checkout, see Transfer your phone number to T-Mobile.

If you plan to purchase a new device or SIM card from a T-Mobile store, then you can transfer your number at the time of purchase.

It’s really as good as it sounds – 200 MB of free data on T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network. That means each month you can send approximately 800 Instagram photos, more than 2,500 emails or stream 200 minutes of music – all for free.

We have a few different Mobile Internet options so you can choose a data plan for your tablet or hotspot that fits your lifestyle.  200MB Free Data (tablets only) will be added to any plan below:

Simple Choice Mobile Internet
Includes unlimited web and international roaming in over 100 countries.  Simple Choice Voice customers receive a $10 monthly discount when they add a Simple Choice Mobile Internet or On Demand line to their account

  • 500MB $20/month ($10 w/Voice)
  • 2.5GB $30/month ($20 w/Voice)
  • 4.5GB $40/month ($30 w/Voice)
  • 6.5GB $50/month ($40 w/Voice)
  • 8.5GB $60/month ($50 w/Voice)
  • 10.5GB $70/month ($60 w/Voice)
  • 12.5GB $80/month ($70 w/Voice)

On Demand Data (Monthly discount makes this option free for T-Mobile Voice customers)

  • $10/month ($0 w/Voice)
    • 500MB $5/Day
    • 1GB $10/week

See our postpaid Mobile Internet plans


  • 200MB Free Data (tablets only) $0/Month 
  • 500MB $10/day
  • 1GB $15/week
  • 2.5GB $30/month
  • 4.5GB $40/month
  • 6.5GB $50/month
  • 8.5GB $60/month
  • 10.5GB $70/month 
  • 12.5GB $80/month

See our prepaid Mobile Internet plans

Yes, if you have your own tablet and it’s unlocked* and eligible for Mobile Internet free data, you are eligible for the free data.  Most popular tablets that are compatible with T-Mobile’s network are eligible. Check your warranty and contract with your carrier to see what conditions apply to unlocking your device.

Bring your own tablet to T-Mobile

*All ipads in the market are unlocked.

Learn more about eligible tablets

Yes. The guiding criteria are that you have an active Mobile Internet account for an eligible tablet and that you register your device to receive the promotion.

The free data is available every month as long as you have an active Mobile Internet account on eligible device. No roaming. Usage applied first to passes, next to data, then Mobile Internet allotment.

Anyone who brings an eligible tablet to T-Mobile or purchases a new tablet outright is entitled to 200 MB of free 4G LTE data every month, regardless if they’re a current customer or not.

Well-qualified customers with an existing T-Mobile line of service are also entitled to interest free financing in addition to the free data.

Customers who don’t currently have a line of service with T-Mobile and want interest free financing on the purchase of a new tablet will be required to pay a minimum $20 a month for 500MB of data. This monthly rate plan charge is not connected to the free data, rather it is a requirement of the financing package.

Yes, If your device has a cellular radio in it that is compatible with T-Mobile’s network, you can use it. Refer to the device manufacturer’s website for details. If you have questions, take your device to the nearest T-Mobile store and we’ll be happy to help you.

If you deactivate your line altogether, you will no longer be connected to the T-Mobile network and will not be able to get your free data each month.

Currently, only tablets are eligible for to receive the 200 MB Starter Data promotion.

Most tablets compatible with T-Mobile’s network are eligible.  This includes:

  • Tablets previously sold by T-Mobile
  • Tablets currently sold by T-Mobile
  • Tablets that are coming soon to T-Mobile that have been announced
  • Selected tablets that you may have bought for use on another carrier network and are unlocked. For more information see Bring your own Mobile Internet device

Yes, it includes an allocation of free data every 30 days.  In order to receive this data, you’ll need to have an eligible tablet and an active T-Mobile Mobile Internet account.

It stands for Subscriber Identity Module. Each SIM card has a unique serial number which needs to be activated before you can use it in a new device, but it’s super-fast and super easy. If you are bringing a device to T-Mobile that has been on another carrier’s network, you will need a new one that is specific to T-Mobile.

No, there is no domestic or international roaming included.

Why choose T-Mobile? It’s simple. Of the major national carriers, only T-Mobile provides you with up to 200MB free 4G LTE data per month for life for your tablet. And only TMO provides you with the lowest upfront cost on our latest tablets with no annual service contract and no overages Mobile Internet service on our nationwide 4G LTE network.

At T-Mobile, we've changed the game completely. With our Simple Choice Mobile Internet Plan, we separate the cost of the device from the cost of your service. Bring your own eligible device and your monthly bill is even less! There are no annual service contracts, and no overages. Now that’s what we call better wireless.

Learn more about how T-Mobile is changing the game

Yes, compatible tablets are eligible for the free data . You can get the free data as long as you have an active Mobile Internet account with T-Mobile. Trade-in a T-Mobile, AT&T or just Wi-Fi tablet and we will credit the value of your tablet. This will reduce your monthly payments on a new tablet. Note that this trade-in benefit applies for postpaid customers only.

Trade-in your tablet

The 200 MB free data is capped and not throttled like other Mobile Internet plans and passes. Here are additional options once you have used up your free data:

1) Upgrade to a Simple Choice Mobile Internet Plan and customize the monthly high-speed data you need.

See our Simple Choice Mobile Internet plans

2) Buy an On Demand daily or weekly data pass. Ideal for very infrequent data usage.

Please note that data usage is first decremented from any data passes, then next to the free data, then last to any Mobile Internet allotment. There is no roaming on the free data.

Still have questions?

Call 1-800-T-MOBILE:  1-800-866-2453

Still have questions?

Call 1-800-T-MOBILE:  1-800-866-2453