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Message Blocking lets you block unwanted messages to and from your phone.

Manage Message Blocking

Primary Account Holders can turn Message Blocking on or off on or through the T-Mobile app. You'll find the Message Blocking options near the bottom of the Blocking page that we link to directly below.

Set blocking options

More about Message Blocking

Messaging Blocking is meant only to block messages, not to prevent overages. With Message Blocking, you can:

  • Block Text and Picture Messages: Blocks all chargeable incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS messages.
  • Block Instant Messages sent via SMS: Blocks chargeable instant messages sent via SMS. If you select this service, you can't send or receive instant messages, even if you have a messaging bundle. This service may not block all instant messages. Charges include taxes and fees for customers on tax inclusive rate plans.

Messages not blocked with Message Blocking

  • Free messages from third-party providers sent to notify you of purchased content
  • Standard-rated messages from short codes
  • Voicemail notifications
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts
  • Service notifications
  • Email sent to and from your address
  • Instant messages or email on Windows Mobile or BlackBerry devices

Report spam text messages

To report spam text messages, refer to Help with scams, spam, and fraud page for details.

Commercial Messages

  • Commercial messages are text messages business send to their customers and come from two number types: 
    • Shortcode 4/5/6-digit sender number
    • Longcode 10-digit sender number
  • Businesses must have your permission to send you these types of messages.
  • These messages can include communications like: 
    • One-time PINs
    • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
    • Security codes
    • Promotional codes
    • Appointment reminders
    • Billing related messages
    • Messages with transportation and delivery services
    • Political messages
  • Review the Consumer versus Non-Consumer Text Messaging page for additional details. 

Block unwanted messages

If you feel you’re receiving messages from a business without your consent, here are the steps you can take to block specific numbers. 

  • First, reply to the message with: STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT
  • Then, if unwanted messages continue, forward the message to 7726 (SPAM). Read more about suspicious messages on the Help with scams, spam, and fraud page. 
  • If you need additional support with blocking the specific sender number, or if unwanted messages persist, Contact us for additional support


Block messages from a specific number

To block messages from a specific number, add Family Allowances​ to your account. Family Allowances lets you to manage allowed numbers, minutes, messages, and downloads for all lines on your account.

Message Blocking Active error message

If you see a Message Blocking Active error when messaging, see Messaging and Email troubleshooting.



Why did I receive a text saying I’m not getting important messages?

We noticed there’s a setting on your account which blocks all commercial SMS messages. These messages include communications like one-time PINs, security codes, promotional codes, appointment reminders, fraud alerts and more. We sent you a text to let you know we’ve removed this block so you can receive these important messages.

I’m getting a lot of these messages, and I don’t want to block these messages one at a time. Can’t I just block them all? What’s the risk if I do?

In order to ensure you receive important messages—including communications like one-time PINs, security codes, promotional codes, appointment reminders, fraud alerts and more—we do not recommend blocking all messages. You can reply to any unwanted messages with STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT. If unwanted messages continue, forward the message to 7726 (SPAM).

I’m not receiving security code texts from my bank. What’s the deal?

If you are not receiving important messages, a block may be be enabled on the number(s) that the specific business uses. Please contact Customer Care to check whether a block was applied to your account.

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