Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) is a public safety notification system that enables authorized agencies to send text-like messages to consumers with capable wireless devices to alert them of emergencies in their area.


For more information, read about WEA on the FCC website and see T-Mobile's information and list of capable devices on www.t-mobile.com/wea.


Types of alerts

There are three types of messages:


  • Presidential Alerts
  • Imminent Threats to Life and Property Alerts
  • AMBER Alerts


How to turn off alerts


  1. Go to the Devices page and click on your device.
  2. Under How Tos click Media & Sounds.
  3. Click Notifications & ringtones.
  4. Follow the instructions for Emergency alerts.


You can't disable alerts issued by the President.


Wireless Emergency Alert FAQs


My neighbor got an alert but I didn't. Why?

  • Make sure your phone supports emergency alerts. For a list of capable devices, visit www.t-mobile.com/wea.
  • Alerts are geographically targeted, so only those in the threat area will receive the alert.
    Example: If an alert is sent in New York, a customer with a capable device who lives in that area won't receive the alert if they're in Chicago at the time the alert is sent. Similarly, someone with a capable device visiting New York from Chicago when the alert is sent would receive the alert.


I have information on an emergency alert I received. Who do I contact?

You should contact your local public safety department as soon as possible. You can also visit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website or the FEMA website to try and locate an alternate point of contact.


How do I report an emergency?

T-Mobile can't generate emergency alerts. If you've come across an emergency situation, please contact your local or national public safety agencies.

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