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JUMP! On Demand (JOD) is an 18-month lease agreement that lets you sign a new lease and change your leased device once every 30 days. Since this is a lease and you aren't buying the phone, the monthly payments are reduced. You can buy the phone for the full retail price later or keep upgrading! If you've ordered a new device, you can check the status on your account

  • JOD is available for a selection of our best devices, but not all devices are a part of the program.
  • The list of available devices may change at any time.
  • Call Customer Care or visit a store to find out what devices are available.
  • JOD is not available online, you'll need to call us at 1-800-937-8997 to get started or upgrade your device.
  • Your monthly payments depend on your credit approval and the device you choose.
  • Leased devices must be returned in good working condition or you will be charged for the damage.
    • We suggest adding an optional handset insurance feature, Protection <360>, within 14 days of activating JOD.
    • Connecticut customers are required by law to obtain handset insurance for JOD leases.

At the end of your lease

  • Your JUMP! On Demand (JOD) agreement term is 18 months, as stated in the agreement signed at the point of sale.
  • At the end of those 18 months, you have two choices:
    • Turn the phone in and close your lease agreement.
    • Keep the phone and pay the Purchase Option Price (POP) found on your lease agreement.
  • If you take no action, the POP will automatically be added to your billing statement 30 days after the end of your lease agreement.

End of Lease turn-in


If you decide not to keep the phone, you must turn it in at a T-Mobile store. You can then decide to start a new lease on a new phone, or talk with our team about other upgrade options, such as an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). When you return a leased phone, it must be in good working condition. Make sure the phone:

  • Has no cracks or other damage to the screen.
  • Has not been damaged by exposure to liquid.
  • Can power on.
  • Has not been materially altered, this includes both the original hardware & software.
  • Does not have activated anti-theft features, such as Find My iPhone.

To end your JOD lease before the 18-month lease term expires, there are two choices:

  • Turn in the phone at a retail location in good working condition and pay the full amount of the remaining monthly lease installments.
  • Pay the remaining monthly lease installments, plus the full Purchase Option Price (POP) as stated on your lease agreement, and keep the phone.

Set up a Purchase Option Installment Plan (POIP)


A POIP is an optional, no-interest, nine-month installment plan to buy a device that is not turned in after your lease has ended. To set it up:

  1. Log in to
  2. Under JUMP! On Demand lease, select Take action.
  3. Select Set up installment plan.
  4. Review the payment information. A payment is due for the taxes today, and then there will be nine monthly payments.
  5. Enter payment details, then select Agree & continue.
  6. Complete the e-signature process.
  7. Once the transaction is complete, a confirmation message displays.

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