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Eric T. Mings
Nov. 13, 2022, 7:05 p.m.
Ricky is awesome! 5 stars for Ricky. The photos in the store all stare at you the whole time you are there. It is unsettling. If i was reviewing that it would not be 5 stars. Back to Ricky and his awesomeness. We took my wife's phone in. It was literally (figuratively) erupting with transdimensional arachnids like a volcano of orange soda due to a confluence of fed and alien malware and tracking ware. Ricky did the the things and the stuff. None of which worked, but he kept at it and brought in appropriate back up. They tried the same things and stuff, which did not work. Then Ricky figured it out and started to tell us the working things and stuff and the voice on the phone continued right behind Ricky with the working solution echoing what Ricky was saying. Ricky won that race and put up with a number of shenanigans while doing so and maintaining his composure and professionalism. If i was hiring for a business that his expertise would be appropriate for, i'd have tried to poach him for my business right then and there. View on Google
T-Mobile Shops At La Cantera

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