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Mr. Sherwood
March 11, 2023, 5:48 a.m.
Well... Let me put it this way. Are you tired of being jacked by your cable company (Surprise Billing, Contracts, Leasing Equip., Speed throttling, data caps? The game is over! Run a speed test on your current provider before you do this... Record the findings. Then, run a 14-day trial run with T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. Run a speed test. Very Impressive. Big difference. Faster speed, No overages, data caps or throttling. Just a simple little cube. Easy set up. For $50.00 a month including the cube, and that price is locked in FOREVER as long as you stay their customer. I'm sold. Bye old cable. Your history! I'm a streamer and a gamer... High data demand and usage. And... I hate that buffer wheel that spins on my screen. After running 14 days TV streaming 24/7 along with gaming and computer usage and VOIP home phones constantly being used. It's a winner 🏆! A Triple AAA+ 5 Star ⭐ product. I barely see a wheel or lag happening anymore. And, I was paying how much through the cable company? It's a no brainier. Hardwired land line, underground cables, bulky equipment... 20+ years - old school. Landfill of old equipment. Simplified, into a small powerful cube at a very very affordable rate for all... And no surprises... Ever! Way to go! Cable bill no more! Great job guys. Helpful staff, product knowledgeable, answered any and all questions I could throw at them. Customer service helped me on meshing advice for extending my range and older devices. I just can't praise this review hard enough. It's one of my best, if not the best review of discoveries that holds true, and is a superb value. It's Awesome 😎👍😁 View on Google
T-Mobile Northwest Hwy & Cog Circle

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