Magenta is going green.

We’re working towards powering 100% of our business and network with renewable energy—a commitment we made when joining the global initiative RE100. Now, as new T‑Mobile, we’re working to set a target date that’ll be announced later this year.

Our partners

The Nature Conservancy

Our support will help promote a low-carbon, clean energy future across all 50 states.

Enel Green Power

Red Dirt Wind Farm Powered by Enel Green Power

A 60,000-acre wind farm from which T‑Mobile will receive 650,000 MWHs of electrical energy annually.


Solomon Forks Wind Project

A 50,000-acre wind farm capable of generating 700,000 MWHs of electrical energy annually.

Our path to 100% renewable energy.

Across our headquarters, stores, cell towers, and call centers, we use about 3 million megawatt hours (MWh) of energy. So, we will be funding the creation of new clean power to account for every unit of electricity we consume.