How to correct your personal information with us.

Log in to your T-Mobile Workday account

Time estimate: Less than five minutes 

Current employees

  • Log in to Workday and select “Update contact info” or “Personal Information” to change your home or work contact information.

  • Another way to update your personal information is to log in to the T-Mobile network and visit

  • If you’ve legally changed your name, or if your date of birth or SSN were entered incorrectly, you’ll need to submit a ticket to the Employee Lifecycle Services Team.

  • To change your work email address, you’ll need to contact Technology Services to investigate the error and update.  

Job applicants

  • Some of your personal information can be updated by visiting the careers page on our website. Just log in as an applicant.

  • If you’re a current employee who’s applying for a different internal position, you can log in to Workday and select “Update contact info” or “Personal Information” to change your home or work contact information. 

Call Employee Care

Time estimate: Usually less than 10 minutes 

Current employees  
If you’re unable to correct your personal information through your Workday account, an Employee Care Representative may be able to help you. 

Former employees  
You can update the mailing address T-Mobile has on file for you by calling Employee Care, but no other personal information may be corrected. Your personal information is kept for a limited time to comply with our data retention policy and legal obligations.

Separated employees  
You can update your mailing address, personal phone number, or personal email by calling Employee Care. 

Current and former U.S. personnel  1-866-578-6423
International employees (non-U.S.) 1-888-863-8768

Contact your T-Mobile manager or your employer

Time estimate: Varies

If you work as a contractor who's not a T-Mobile worker, as a legacy Sprint contractor, as a third-party contractor, or as a vendor, please contact your T-Mobile manager or your employer to initiate the process to update your personal information. Corrections can be made only if your personnel status is active.

TPR and salesforce personnel 
Your employer can email a request to to update your name and personal phone number.

SNIP and Fieldglass personnel 
Your employer or manager can initiate a personal information correction by opening a ticket in Compass.

Office visitors 
Our office visitor logs are retained for three years to comply with legal obligations. Changing your name in these logs would require your old ID, new ID, and legal proof of your name change. 

Complete your request online

Time estimate: Up to 45 days

If you’re unable to correct your personal information by logging in to Workday, calling Employee Care, or contacting your employer—and your relationship with T-Mobile is based on your residence in the U.S.—you can submit an online data request form to correct your personal information.

Note: If you worked for or visited T-Mobile outside the U.S., please email for further details. Don’t use the “Get started” button below.

Employees and contractors can call Employee Care and ask a representative to help submit a personal data request for you. The representative will need to verify your identity in order to process the request. Please see the phone numbers listed above.  

Note: If you also have a personal account with T-Mobile or any of our brands, you’ll need to submit a separate request to correct that personal information with us.

Have questions?

For more information about your data rights, please explore the following topics:

Note: For the privacy notice for individuals outside the U.S., please email