SMS spam

What is SMS spam?

SMS spam is any unwanted or unsolicited text message sent indiscriminately to your mobile phone, often for commercial purposes. It can take the form of a simple message, a link to a number to call or text, a link to a website for more information or a link to a website to download an application.

What should I do if I receive spam text messages on my wireless phone?

T‑Mobile is committed to fighting mobile spam and encourages our customers to report unsolicited messages to us for investigation. If you receive an unsolicited message please forward it to the Spam Reporting Service following the three simple steps below:

  1. Forward the message to 7726 (which spells “SPAM” on most phone keypads). Please don’t edit the message or add any comments.
  2. We will reply to your message with an SMS confirming we have received it.
  3. We will use this information to help identify the spam operations and take appropriate action.

By reporting SMS spam, you are helping us identify spam operations. There is no charge to report T‑Mobile spam. Messages forwarded to 7726 do not count toward your plan.

What happens to the spam reports?

We automatically forward the message to the Security Center for analysis. The Security Center is a global system, run by a vendor on our behalf, that helps protect mobile phone subscribers from spam, fraud, and malware. The Security Center system is linked to a global database that tracks potential spam messages. The information reported to the Security Center may be shared with government agencies that work to combat spam and prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair practices.