Audience Marketplace data boosts competition entries

Audience Marketplace data helped a national family restaurant drive online competition entries with twice the conversion rate of cookie behavioral targeting.


Conversion rate


Conversion rate of web cookie targeting


A casual family dining chain with branches nationwide was looking to make an impact with an online competition. It was running a digital campaign to get potential customers to visit the entry page and the KPI was the amount of new customer sign-ups.


With Audience Marketplace, crafting custom audiences is effortless. And the client made full use of this to reach their target audience. They layered a combination of defined attributes with users of direct competitor apps and the restaurant’s own app, along with several Audience Marketplace personas including Restaurant Hoppers, Fast Food Patrons and Coupon Clippers.


The client tested Audiences against traditional web cookie behavioral targeting. But it was the custom conquesting segments that had the highest conversion rates of the campaign. Result.