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Use this page to review and update your account information.

Name, birthdate, SSN

Here at T-Mobile, we're committed to keeping your account secure. If you need to change the following extra-sensitive account information, we need to verify a few official documents either in-store or by mail. 


Name changes


For name changes resulting from marriage, divorce, or if we made an error when spelling your name, take one of the following documents to a retail store, find one near you.

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Social Security card
  • Proof of address such as a utility or bank statement
  • Marriage or divorce certificate for marriage/divorce changes

For other legal name changes, send any supporting legal name change documents and a copy of a government-issued photo ID to the following address:

US Customers:

T-Mobile Wireless
PO Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380 

Puerto Rico Customers:

T-Mobile Executive Response Team
PO Box 191957
San Juan, PR 00919-1957

Social Security number or birth date changes

  • To change your birth date on your account, all you need to do is take a Government-issued photo ID to a T-Mobile store.
  • To change your Social Security number, you also need to bring:
    • Social Security card
    • Proof of address such as utility or bank statement

Account number



  1. Log in to
  2. View your account number on the welcome screen.

From the paper bill:

View your account number on the first page of your bill. 

Billing & e911 address


Billing address


Only the Primary Account Holder (PAH) or a Full access line can update the billing address. Your billing address may be updated automatically if you change your address through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The USPS notifies us of any address changes.

From the T-Mobile app: 

  1. Open the T-Mobile app, and log in.
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Profile settings
  4. Select Billing & payments
  5. Select Billing address
  6. Enter your updated informaiton and select Save Changes.


  1. Log in to
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Profile Settings
  4. Select Billing &Payments
  5. Select Billing address
  6. Enter your updated billing address and select Save.



e911 address


An E911 address allows emergency services to determine the location of each phone or device, in case they need to call 911. Wi-Fi Calling and some other T-Mobile products require a valid E911 address to work.

From the T-Mobile app:  

  1. Log in to the T-Mobile app. (How to get the T-Mobile app)
  2. Select the More option.
  3. Select Profile Setting
  4. Select Line Settings.
  5. Select E911 Address.
  6. Select a line to change from the listed lines. 
  7. Enter the new E911 address. This address should be the primary place where you use the line.
  8. Select the Save button.


  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Select Profile Settings.
  4. Select a line from the Select Line drop-down.
  5. Select Line Settings 
  6. Select E911 Address.
  7. Enter the new E911 address. This address should be the primary place where you use the line.
  8. Select Save changes.


Sprint customers using a T-Mobile SIM card, use the instructions below to change your E911 address on for mobile or desktop.

  1. Log in to your Account.
  2. Find your device on the Account Dashboard and select Manage Device.
  3. Select the Options icon for the selected device.
  4. Choose Update Wi-Fi Calling E911 Address
  5. Update the address, then select Save.

Account activity


Account alerts


In the T-Mobile app, your account alerts, if any, appear on the Home screen.  


  1. Log in to
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Account Activity.
  4. Any alerts on your account are listed.

T-Mobile will alert you to the following changes to your account: 

  • Address changes 
  • Device orders and order updates 
  • Family Allowance limits reached 
  • New paperless bills 
  • Payments (EIP payments, EasyPay payments, payment history, payment arrangements, and scheduled payments) 
  • Phone security 
  • Plan changes 
  • Service changes 

Account History


From the T-Mobile app:  

  1. Open the T-Mobile app 
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Account history. 
  4. Select the category and time-range. Only documents are available for 12 months; other account history types are available for the last 12 months or the last 12 events. 
  5. View the account history. 


You can access documents from the previous 24 months on Other types of account history, such as billing and payments, are available for the last 12 months (or last 12 events). 

  1. Log in to
  2. Select Account
  3. Select Account Activity
  4. Select from the following filters for the category and date. 
  5. Specific categories and date options: 
    Available account history online
    Category Date range
    Billing Last 30 days
    Payments Last 90 days
    Services Current year
    Account Current & previous year
    Device Additional 2 years
  6. Select Download PDF. 
  7. Open and print the PDF. 

Get documents in-store

You can get any of these documents at a T-Mobile store
  • Line Suspension Statement 
  • Personal Guarantor Agreement 
  • Plan Change Agreement 
  • Receipts 
  • Receipt with Upgrade Agreement 
  • Service Agreement
  • AutoPay Agreement 
  • Device Recovery Program Agreement 
  • EIP Agreement 
  • EIP Confirmation 
  • ESIG Terms & Conditions 
  • Indoor Coverage Selection Agreement
If you need assistance getting your documents, contact us and we can help. 

Language settings

The Primary Account Holder, also known as PAH, can change the language for each line on the account individually.


Change account language


From the T-Mobile app: 

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to More 
  3. Go to Profile settings 
  4. Go to Language Settings.
  5. Select English or Espanol 
  6. Select Save.


  1. Log in to as the PAH
  2. Select your name
  3. Select Profile 
  4. Go to Language Settings
  5. Select English or Espanol
  6. Select Save

Change customer care language


Automated call system

  1. Call 611 from your T-Mobile device.
  2. After the IVR greeting, say your desired language in either English or Spanish.

Full terms

Certain T-Mobile services, such as Wi-Fi calling and DIGITS, require that you provide us with the primary street address at which the service will be used (“Your E911 Registered Address”). If you call 911 using a T-Mobile service we may, if necessary, transmit Your E911 Registered Address to the 911 Communications Center, who may use it to help emergency responders locate you, but you may need to provide your contact information and current location. You agree to update Your E911 Registered Address if you plan on using a T-Mobile service that requires an E911 Registered Address at a different location. You can update Your E911 Registered Address by accessing your account or by contacting T-Mobile Customer Care. 

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