Sometimes you need to receive a collect call or use a calling card with your T-Mobile service. Read on to learn more about collect calls and calling cards.


Calling cards

  • You can get calling cards from third-party sellers, but not from T-Mobile.
  • Contact the card provider for all questions and support. T-Mobile cannot guarantee how calling cards function or are charged.
  • You can use calling cards when making domestic and international calls. and when roaming, but you are also charged the roaming rate from T-Mobile.
  • To make calls on a T-Mobile phone using a calling card:
    1. Call the access number printed on the calling card.
    2. When prompted, enter the number you want to call.
    3. Wait for the call to complete.
      Do not press the Send key. Pressing the Send key starts a new call, which bypasses the calling card and results in charges from T-Mobile.


Collect calls

Collect call charges are the responsibility of the party receiving the call. The person calling is not charged.

  • Most T-Mobile customers can place collect calls, but cannot receive collect calls (such as from 1-800-COLLECT).
  • To receive collect calls, you may use Text Collect for a one-time charge of $9.99 per call. For information, see:

Prepaid accounts

  • Collect calling for prepaid is provided by 1-800-COLLECT, and it allows receiving or placing collect calls in some situations.
    • You can place collect calls with a $0 balance or a low balance, if you have received an SMS stating you can use 1-800 COLLECT.
    • You can't place collect calls when you have funds on the account.
    • Only customers who have a positive account balance and an unlimited plan, Pay As You Go, or Pay in Advance can receive collect calls.
  • 1-800-COLLECT connects to domestic and international numbers. The person receiving the call is charged:
    • Calls to landlines: $4.99 connection fee, plus $1.50/minute rate. The person accepting the call gets a bill from their landline company.
    • Calls to mobile phones: $9.99 connection fee. Includes 20 minutes of free calling time before the call disconnects. The person accepting the call gets a premium SMS charge on their bill for the cost of receiving a collect call.
  • For all charge disputes, contact 1-800-COLLECT customer service at 1-800-352-7202.

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