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DIGITS allows you to use multiple mobile numbers on any compatible smartphone or device, as long as you’re connected to the internet. Proxy by DIGITS and DIGITS Talk & Text numbers are only accessible through the DIGITS app or web client and don't need a SIM card. And because they're powered by DIGITS, calls, voicemails, and texts stay separate from your main number in the DIGITS app. Check out the available DIGITS options.


Use your PROXY by DIGITS number anytime you don't want to give out your personal number. It helps you keep your personal number, personal. Limit one PROXY by DIGITS line per account. Included with your PROXY by DIGITS line is unlimited minutes and messaging, however, shortcode SMS messaging, like Uber's verification text or those from your banking institution for digital transactions, is not supported. Send calls directly to voicemail or avoid text messages by setting up the Do Not Disturb feature.

To turn on Do Not Disturb...

  1. In the DIGITS app, select Settings.
    • Android: Choose the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner.
    • iOS: Choose the Settings icon in the navigation bar.
  2. Choose the desired DIGITS line.
  3. Under Line settings, select Do not disturb.
  4. Move the slider to enable do not disturb for the desired line. All notifications will stop.

DIGITS Talk & Text

DIGITS Talk & Text numbers allow you to use more than one number on the same device. Like all DIGITS numbers, calls, voicemails, and texts stay separate from your main number in the DIGITS app. Share your DIGITS Talk & Text line with up to 20 friends & family, by adding them in the DIGITS portal.

Data with paired DIGITS

Data with paired DIGITS is designed for smartwatches & other devices. This is another SIM with the same MSISDN as your existing line for calls and messages.

Setup DIGITS app

We recommend using the DIGITS app for the initial setup of your DIGITS lines. This way you'll be able to access your DIGITS lines directly from your compatible smartphone or device!

  1. Make sure you are around your T-Mobile phone when you are ready to log in to the DIGITS app.
  2. Open the DIGITS app.
  3. Login using your T-Mobile ID.
    • Learn how to get a T-Mobile ID if you don't have one.
    • New T-Mobile IDs cannot sign into DIGITS until 24 hours have passed, or recently changed security questions within 24 hours.
  4. Complete 2-factor authentication. To verify your identity, T-Mobile will send a text to your phone number.
  5. If this is the first time using the app, agree to the Permissions requests.
  6. The application will run through several automatic configuration screens.
  7. Select to turn the desired DIGITS On, then choose Continue.

Manage DIGITS lines

  1. Log in to your T-Mobile account with your T-Mobile ID.
    1. Select Account on the menu bar and navigate to the number you would like to manage.
    2. Go to Profile and Line and choose Multiple Devices.
    3. Choose your line and make sure Allow other devices to use this number is turned on.
    4. Expand Manage your DIGITS and choose My DIGITS Portal. This will take you to the DIGITS web client.
    5. Highlight the line name and select the Pencil icon to personalize your DIGITS line by giving it a nickname. This will not be displayed in caller ID.
  2. Share your new number with the same email you used to log in.
    • In Unassigned Lines, select the number that you would like to manage.
    • Select Add me to this line and select ASSIGN TO ME. You can also share with friends and family by selecting Share the line with someone.

Optional settings

To optimize your DIGITS experience, contact us for these additional features:

  • Number porting
  • International dialing with Stateside International Talk & Text
  • Outgoing caller ID
  • Spam blocking with the Scam Shield Premium feature


  • How do I access my DIGITS lines? Easy, we give you lots of options:
  • If you are replacing a home landline, you may want to give others in your household the ability to send and receive calls using this number.
    • If someone calls your family line, the app will ring simultaneously on everyone's phones.
    • Grant permission to each family member’s email address in the DIGITS app or by logging in to
  • If your DIGITS Talk & Text line is for business use, you can add co-workers. Even if they don't have a T-Mobile mobile phone, they can install and use the DIGITS app. If someone calls or texts your business line, anyone with access gets it and can respond quickly to customer inquiries.
    • Grant permission to each coworkers' email address in the DIGITS app or by logging in to
    • Even if they don’t have a T-Mobile mobile phone, they can install and use the DIGITS app using their email address.

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