DIGITS Talk & Text allows you to use more than one number on the same device. DIGITS Talk & Text numbers are only accessible through DIGITS and don't need a SIM card.


Set up DIGITS Talk & Text

  1. Get a T-Mobile ID​ if you don't already have one.
  2. T-Mobile for Business customers: If your employer assigns you DIGITS to use on your personal device, you will receive an email from your employer. Follow the link in that email to register for a T-Mobile ID if you don’t already have one. Once you have your T-Mobile ID set up, you can sign in and use your DIGITS.
  3. Add yourself as a user for your DIGITS Talk & Text line in the myDIGITS portal.
  4. Share your DIGITS Talk & Text line with up to 20 friends & family, add them at the myDIGITS portal.
    • If you are replacing a home land line, you may want to give others in your household the ability to send and receive calls using this number. If someone calls your family line, the app will ring simultaneously on everyone’s phones.
    • If your DIGITS Talk & Text line is for business use, you can add co-workers. Even if they don’t have a T-Mobile mobile phone, they can install and use the DIGITS app. If someone calls or texts your business line, anyone with access gets it and can respond quickly to customer inquiries.
  5. Log in from a Internet-connected device to start using DIGITS:

Optional settings

To optimize your DIGITS experience, contact us for these additional features:

  • Number porting
  • International dialing with Stateside International Talk & Text
  • Outgoing caller ID
  • Spam blocking with the Name ID feature

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