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T-Mobile Inflight is a partnership with Gogo to provide inflight Wi-Fi, unlimited messaging, and the ability to check visual voicemail on select airlines and flights at no additional cost.

Beginning October 1, 2021, some Sprint customers on Sprint MAX and Sprint ONE rate plans will now have access to this exclusive benefit.


Use T-Mobile Inflight

When high speed Gogo inflight Wi-Fi is available on a flight you will have Gogo services available gate to gate. For flights without high speed Wi-Fi, you can use Gogo inflight Wi-Fi when your plane reaches 10,000 feet or higher.

When Wi-Fi is available the Wi-Fi indicator above the seat will be lit or your captain will give you the go-ahead to start inflight texting.

  1. Place the device into Airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi.
  2. Make sure Wi-Fi Calling is set to Enabled or On.
  3. Select Gogo or the airlines Wi-Fi network.
  4. Open your Internet browser to go to the Gogo homepage.
    • Android: Automatically redirects to login.
    • iOS: Go to
    • Most flights will have information on how to connect in the back-seat pocket. Some airlines may have a unique URL needed for the browser (for example:
  5. Select the T-Mobile & Sprint Free Wi-Fi and InFlight Texting.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Enter your T-Mobile number.
  8. Enter the CAPTCHA letters and numbers in the box below it.
  9. Tap Get Wi-Fi and Texting. The Your Free Wi-Fi Starts Now screen appears to confirm you are connected.
  10. Start texting and browsing and enjoy your flight!



When beginning your Gogo Inflight session, T-Mobile has added extra security with a One-Time-PIN.

  • Upon beginning a Gogo Inflight session, if further authentication is needed, the One-Time-PIN will be sent via text message.
  • Entering the One-Time-PIN will ensure that the user requesting use of the Gogo Inflight service will be the one receiving it.
  • If you have received the One-Time-PIN and began your Gogo Inflight session, then your device information will be saved for your next flight.
  • While in flight, if you are attempting to use your Gogo InFlight service and you received the One-Time-PIN notification, simply enter the PIN for confirmation and your Gogo Inflight session will begin.
  • If you received this PIN and are not in flight, someone has attempted to redeem the Gogo benefit using your phone number. Rest assured; it does not mean anyone has access to your account. Without access to the PIN, the user is unable to authenticate and unable to redeem your benefit.


Supported airlines

  • T-Mobile Inflight is offered on all Gogo-enabled flights by several domestic carriers, such as:
    • Alaska Airlines
      • Coming later in 2021 for Sprint customers
    • American Airlines (on limited flights)
    • Most Delta flights
  • To check if your upcoming flight offers this service, contact your airline.


Supported services

Get data and messaging free for being a T-Mobile customer!


  • T-Mobile customers with an eligible plan as well as some Sprint ONE customers get one free hour of Wi-Fi access on Gogo-equipped flights to, from, or within the U.S. You can surf, email, and post to your heart's content.
  • With an eligible plan, such as Magenta Plus, Magenta MAX, ONE Plus or ONE Plus International and Sprint MAX, you get unlimited Wi-Fi access on Gogo-equipped flights to, from, or within the U.S.
  • Streaming services for most video is not available.

Text and picture messaging

  • You get unlimited messaging all flight long!
  • Messages sent and received while using T-Mobile Inflight Texting are billed according to your plan and services, just like when on the ground.
  • All messages are billed as if you are on a Wi-Fi network in a domestic location, regardless of where your flight takes you. And there are no international roaming charges!
  • If texting doesn't work for a few minutes after connecting, make sure Wi-Fi Calling is set to Enabled or On
  • You can use Twitter via SMS with T-Mobile Inflight Texting. See Twitter support for SMS Twitter steps and Twitter account support.

Visual Voicemail (VVM)

  • All versions of VVM (including Voicemail to Text) are supported, and they function the same inflight as they do on a home Wi-Fi or network connection.
  • You should do the first-time setup of VVM or perform a version update while still on the ground, as doing these activities inflight may not work properly.

Over-the-Top (OTT) messaging

  • OTT messaging is when you use third-party services to send an instant message instead of sending a text.
  • Messages sent and received using WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, and Google Hangout are unlimited when using the Gogo inflight service.

What's not supported

  • Voice services
  • Most third-party applications that require a data connection
  • Texting to short codes
  • Emergency services (911 via text or voice)
  • Laptops and tablets
  • Most video streaming. For example, streaming short clips on Facebook might work, but YouTube or Netflix will not.


Supported devices

Most devices after January 2015 are supported. Your device needs to support Wi-Fi in order to use data services inflight and must support (and have enabled) Wi-Fi calling in order to send text messages while inflight.

Follow the pre-flight setup to be prepared to use all available services while inflight. 


Pre-flight setup

Before you board the plane, make sure:

  • You have an active account
  • You have a compatible Wi-Fi Calling-enabled device. If you cannot use Wi-Fi Calling, see Wi-Fi Calling problems.
  • You have enabled Wi-Fi calling, completed E-911 address registration, and have made at least 1 call using Wi-Fi calling with that device and SIM card.
  • Your device software is up to date


Gogo support

Gogo provides support for:

  • Pre-flight requirements and participating airlines
  • Inflight connectivity issues

Inflight support

To receive inflight support from the Gogo Chat Team, open an Internet browser on your device and click LIVE HELP to be connected to a chat agent.

Other support options

Before your flight, or when you're back on the ground, there are several ways for you to get help from Gogo:


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