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Now that you’ve prepared to switch to T-Mobile, start switching your lines. We’ll walk you through the switching process to make it easy to join us.

Start your line activation  

  • If you recently activated or purchased new lines, check for your Activation Confirmation email which contains the activated T-Mobile numbers, devices, and SIM card information in the shipment.
  • Your Activation Confirmation email will come from  


Register your Account Hub

  • The T-Mobile for Business Account Hub is your online portal, used to manage your account, billing, services, and more! 
  • Use the registration steps in the email T-Mobile sent to the email address you provided:   
    • From: 
    • Subject: Welcome to T-Mobile for Business
  • Alternatively, use the steps on the Account Hub registration page to create an account, then log in to Account Hub to manage your account. 


Switch your numbers to T-Mobile

  • Transfer your numbers from your previous carrier, if applicable.
  • As you begin to transfer your numbers, select the temporary number you want to assign to the number you’re transferring.
  • Refer to the Activation Confirmation email to match the SIM Card Number and activated T-Mobile Phone Number to the transferring phone number.
  • Once submitted, the SIM card will be provisioned with the number that was transferred.
  • The number transfer process is typically immediate. If you experience any issues during the process, contact us 1-800-375-1126.
  • Back up your contacts, voicemail, and text messages prior to transferring your number to T-Mobile. 
  • During the process, you may have dual service for up to 24 hours. Your service may be active on both carrier networks, do not cancel your previous wireless service prior to receiving a transfer-completion confirmation text from T-Mobile.
  • Contact us if you’re transferring a landline number. These requests can take 2-10 business days to complete.


Start using your service

  • Begin using your new device by inserting the T-Mobile SIM card (which may already be installed on certain devices).
  • When activating a device that has an eSIM, use the SIM card & eSIM page for detailed steps to activate.
    • eSIM only: If you brought your own device to T-Mobile and you activated with your eSIM, once you have transferred your number, remove your previous carrier’s eSIM profile. 
    • Check out our Device support to locate steps for your device.
  • If you’re using a device from your previous carrier, you must ensure the device is unlocked to use a T-Mobile SIM card.


Get additional details about what to do After you’ve switched to T-Mobile.

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