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Learn about out-of-plan numbers, and when you are charged for calling them from your T-Mobile phone.


Out-of-plan numbers

Calls to chat lines, radio broadcast lines, and similar services aren't included in your plan. T-Mobile charges $.01 per minute for calls to these numbers. Out-of-plan calls tend to cost more for T-Mobile to complete, and this small fee helps us to manage those costs.

We don't want you to get surprise charges on your bill. To ensure you always know when you'll be charged, we'll tell you about the charge when you dial an out-of-plan number. You can avoid the charge simply by hanging up. If you have any questions or think there's an error on your T-Mobile bill, call Customer Care by dialing 611 from your T-Mobile phone, or by calling 1-877-453-1304 from another phone.

Note: While you can block incoming calls from specific numbers, there is no way to block outgoing calls. When you place an out-of-plan call, we'll let you know about the charge. You can avoid the charge simply by ending the call.


Business conference calls

Most conference lines provided by employers aren't subject to this charge. If they are, you’ll hear a message letting you know there will be an additional charge. You can avoid the charge by hanging up.


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