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Justin Evans
March 25, 2023, 4:51 a.m.
Long post alert! This review is long overdue! I entered this store two weeks ago on Friday March 10, 2023, on whim see if I could get assistance with leaving a family plan and get my own plan while keeping my number. Let me stage for you. I was on a Grandfather Sprint family plan, and I was ready for my own plan. Prior to me entering this store on a Friday evening I had visited at least four different T-Mobile stores receiving different answers at each store that just left me confused and frustrated. I was ready to leave Sprint/T-Mobile to go another carrier at this point because I couldn't understand why it was so hard to get my own plan and keep my number at the same time. Here are a couple of things I was told. 1) I would need a new number to stay with T-Mobile, 2) I need to call customer service to keep my number (I will reference them later). 3) I can't assist you with that you have to go to a flagship store, etc. Eventually, I came home and called customer service, the department that handles the switch over was closed on the weekend so I setup a call back for the following Monday afternoon around 2:00pm and guess what the call back never came, and I waited for an entire week. Now that you understand everything I've been through, let me tell you how the associates at this store went beyond assisting me in accomplishing my objective. I can tell this story without mentioning Sebastian aka Juan! He was awesome, patient, professional and went beyond the call of duty to help me get my own plan and keep my number. After, I explain everything that I been through Sebastian was determined to help me accomplish my objective before I left their store on Friday March 10, 2023. Sebastian was the intermediary between support and my mom when I had her on the phone to release my number even after that process was complete there was some initial complications with my moving my number from Sprint to T-Mobile Sebastian stayed on the phone with support the entire time overseeing this switch. Plus, the assistant manager on duty also jumped in to help with this situation and discussed the different systems of where my number could be. In the end I was so grateful for everyone's assistance and Sebastian was awesome. If I would have bought him a round or two for his assistance. This store is about a 30-minute drive from me (not including traffic lol), but I will continue to drive here for that customer service every time. Lastly, I plan to call the store soon because I need a new phone and I look forward to working with Sebastian again. I might just stop in there next Friday when I'm on that side of town again. View on Google
T-Mobile Preston Rd & W Park Blvd

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