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Renewable energy

We’re facing climate change head on.

Early in 2017, the Un-carrier made the largest wind-power investment ever by a U.S. wireless company, buying up to 160 MW of renewable energy credits from the Red Dirt wind power project in Oklahoma. But now we’ve doubled down on our commitment to renewable energy with a second investment in the new Solomon Forks Wind Project in Kansas.

The combined production of the Red Dirt Wind Power and the Solomon Forks Wind Project is a total contracted capacity of 320 MW, the largest amount held by any US wireless company and a landmark holding in the world of wind energy. Wind power is among the cleanest available sources of renewable energy, according to the EPA.

These investments will reduce T-Mobile’s net operating CO2 emissions across our US retail stores, call centers and network operations by 60 percent over the next two years.

We’re shooting for 100% renewable energy coverage by 2021. But our 12 and 15 year contracts for these wind-power investments show we’re in the renewable energy business for the long haul.