Scoping out emissions.

Industry-leading, science-based targets to curb carbon emissions.

Climate change is a risk for every person and every company. We are motivated to challenge the status quo and to continue to be a forward-thinking industry leader.

T-Mobile believes in the science behind climate change and is first in the U.S. wireless industry to set science-based targets (SBTs) that address Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. This ensures that the goals we set will drive meaningful, impactful results in our quest to mitigate the risks of climate change.

Setting SBTs also future proofs our goals as we continue to grow as a company. We’ve already reduced scope 2 emissions by 20% in 2019 while growing in a lot of ways—from our revenue to our customer base, and the amount of data our customers use.


Reduce combined absolute Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions 95% by 2025 from a 2016 base year.


Reduced Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 33% since 2016.


Reduce Scope 3 GHG emissions 15% per customer by 2025 from a 2016 base year.


Scope 3 emissions intensity decreased by 31% per customer since 2016.

We cut our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by more than 184,000 metric tons in 2019—compared to 2018—the equivalent of charging your smartphone 23 billion times!

The future is renewable. Our goal is to offset all our electrical energy usage with renewable energy by 2021, which is why we’re part of RE100, a global initiative uniting business committed to 100% renewable energy.

Our Red Dirt wind farm power purchase agreement has already reduced our carbon emissions by 325,000 metric tons.

Together, the Red Dirt and Solomon Forks wind farms will provide 320 megawatts of new renewable capacity annually.

One new wind farm and four new solar arrays will come online by 2021 to generate a combined 581megawatts of new capacity.

Three new solar arrays in communities throughout Virginia will provide five full time jobs and 10 seasonal jobs, plus an estimated 750 jobs at the peak phase of construction.

"T-Mobile is all in on sustainability and has made a commitment through RE100 to source 100%renewable energy by 2021. We can't thank our partners, including the EPA Green Power Partnership, enough for all their work and support in helping us progress on this important goal for our company—and the planet!"

Mike Sievert, Chief Executive Officer

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100% renewable by 2021.

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