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If something seems off, talk to your manager, skip-level manager, or HR employee success partner. If that’s not an option or doesn’t apply, use the T‑Mobile Integrity Line to report your concern. The important thing is to reach out to someone who can help.

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The Integrity Line is a 24/7 resource managed by an independent third party. If you choose to report anonymously, your identity will not be known to the third party or T‑Mobile.

Every report is taken seriously.

Know that your report will be treated fairly and promptly, no matter who you are or what you're reporting.

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T-Mobile does not tolerate retaliation—ever. Employees who retaliate against someone for raising a concern in good faith will be subject to discipline, including termination.

T-Mobile leaders set the tone.

We expect our leaders to create a safe environment for employees to raise concerns.


  • Anyone who has a concern about possible misconduct involving T-Mobile can make a report to the Integrity Line. The Integrity Line is also available to T-Mobile suppliers to report issues as required by the T-Mobile Supplier Code of Conduct.

  • You should report potential misconduct related to the T‑Mobile Code of Business Conduct or other T‑Mobile policies, violations of law, or any activities that may otherwise be unethical. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination, harassment–including sexual harassment—retaliation, bribes and kickbacks, conflicts of interest, fraud or theft, unauthorized disclosure or misuse of T‑Mobile information, accounting or financial reporting concerns, insider trading, anti-competitive practices, and allegations of other improper or unethical activity. Even if you’re unsure about the type of misconduct you may have observed, you should still report your concern.

    T‑Mobile customer service issues should be reported to 800-937-8997.

  • T-Mobile protects the identity of reporters, subjects, and witnesses—as well as the confidentiality of the information they provide to the extent allowed by the investigative process and the law. This means that all reports maintain confidentiality. If an investigation is required, information from a report may be shared among the T-Mobile personnel responsible for conducting the investigative activities, as well as with outside investigators if required by law.

  • No. Reports to the Integrity Line are received by an independent third party. Identifying information captured during the reporting process is stored on the third party’s secure servers and is not shared with or accessible by T‑Mobile. If you choose not to identify yourself, T‑Mobile won’t know who you are.

    For anonymous reporters, the Integrity Line works like this:

    When you contact the Integrity Line, the information you provide is forwarded to T‑Mobile Compliance & Ethics. After you complete the reporting process, the third party will give you a report key to access your report through the Integrity Line. Check back for follow up questions from T‑Mobile, to provide additional information, or to check on the status of your report.

    If you choose to remain anonymous, it’s important to include as much factual detail as possible in your report. It’s also important to check back on the Integrity Line portal regularly to see whether T‑Mobile has left follow up questions that ask for additional information. Reports that are vague and lacking factual detail are difficult to investigate.

  • T‑Mobile handles Integrity Line reports using a four-phased approach:

    1. Intake: If you call the Integrity Line, you’ll speak to a trained third-party interviewer who will ask you for details about your concern. If you report through the Integrity Line website, you’ll complete an electronic form. In either case, your Integrity Line report will only be forwarded to T‑Mobile Compliance & Ethics. In the event the reported issue is related to someone in Compliance & Ethics, it will be escalated for review outside this group.
    2. Initial Assessment: T‑Mobile Compliance & Ethics reviews every report and assesses the information you provided to decide the best course of action. In some cases, we may need additional information to determine next steps, so we may contact you directly (if you provided your contact information) or through the Integrity Line (which will maintain anonymity) with follow-up questions. Following the initial assessment, most reports are assigned to the T‑Mobile group best positioned to conduct a thorough review. This usually means Corporate Investigations for Code of Business Conduct violations, Human Resources for HR-related concerns, Loss Prevention for in-store issues, or Corporate Security for issues relating to employee safety and welfare.
    3. Review: If your report is assigned for further review or a formal investigation, a trained T‑Mobile resource will be responsible for determining the facts of the situation and, if appropriate, whether misconduct occurred. Whether it’s an HR employee success partner, Loss Prevention manager, or Corporate investigator, if your report is assigned for review, someone will contact you directly to ask questions and gather details. They may also review records and documents, and interview witnesses and the subject of the report, as they deem appropriate. T‑Mobile Compliance & Ethics will monitor the review or investigation and is available to answer your questions throughout the process.
    4. Resolution: Findings are shared with T‑Mobile Compliance & Ethics, the HR employee success partner, and the appropriate business manager on a need-to-know basis. You will be notified when the review or investigation is complete. When misconduct is found, discipline or other remedial action is taken.
  • Integrity is at the heart of everything we do at T‑Mobile. As T‑Mobile employees, we’re expected to uphold T‑Mobile’s commitment to ”doing it the right way.” Even if a situation doesn’t affect us directly, we should all speak up when someone is falling short of meeting the Code of Business Conduct, the law, or T‑Mobile’s high ethical standards.