Building connections for everyone.

Student in a classroom holding a tablet and smiling at the camera.

Our success relies on the trust of our customers, suppliers, business partners, and one another. We strive to earn it every day—through uncompromising ethical conduct, socially and environmentally responsible business practices, and good governance.

Digital connectivity is linked to the personal, economic, and social vitality of people and communities everywhere. That's why we're committed to making our network accessible and affordable.

How we use our scale, technology, and resources for good.

2023 Highlights


students connected through Project 10Million and other education programs since launch.


provided in funding and in-kind products and services to support communities.


hours volunteered by employees.


non-profits and community organizations supported.

Learn about the impact we are having on communities across the country in our most recent Corporate Responsibility Report.


Bridging the digital divide.

See how we are making great strides to increase Network Access, Affordability, and Digital Literacy.

Closing the digital divide in education.

We’re offering free and highly subsidized internet connectivity to up to 10 million eligible student households across the U.S. through Project 10Million and other education programs.

Teacher working with student one-on-one, sitting at a desk together in front of a laptop

Providing newcomers with essential connectivity.

We’ve joined Welcome.US with a commitment to provide up to 200,000 lines of free service for one year to support incoming refugees entering the United States—because we can't imagine a more critical time to be connected.

Head-on picture of smiling person texting on their smart phone

Bringing choice and speed to communities across the country.

We're expanding our network into communities that have been traditionally overlooked by 
other providers because access to reliable, 
high-speed connectivity is a game changer for the social and economic vitality of people and places everywhere.

Older man and younger man in outdoor farm setting looking at a tablet

Investing in a more digitally inclusive society.

Connectivity is only half of the solution in today’s digital world. T-Mobile continues to provide funding for impactful programs to equip people and businesses with the tools needed to navigate—and thrive—in our connected world.

Older man, wearing a craftsman’s apron, texting on smart phone on a neighborhood sidewalk


Investing in our employees and our communities.

Making philanthropic investments that support our commitment to digital equity and empowering our employees to support the causes closest to their hearts.

Supporting our employees to give back.

Through Magenta Match, we empower our employees to volunteer and donate to the causes they care the most about. Funded by the T-Mobile Foundation, Magenta Match matches employee financial donations 
dollar for dollar, and $10 per volunteer hour, for a total of up to $2,000 a year per employee.

Group of people on ladders painting the exterior of a house

Empowering Team Magenta to invest in our communities.

T-Mobile proudly offers Volun-T, our national employee grant program that offers any employee, or group of employees, the opportunity to apply for a volunteer-based grant in their local communities; enabling all employees, irrespective of socio-economic status, the opportunity to work with non-profits on issues that directly impact the vitality of their community.

Person in T-Mobile jacket doing gardening work

Hometown Grants: Our commitment to rural America.

We're supporting small towns and rural communities across America with grants that connect and revitalize these areas. We believe in the potential of every community, and through T-Mobile Hometown Grants, we can help bridge the digital gap and invest in communities that need it most. This 
5-year commitment to bring 5G to rural America is one of many ways we’re standing with these regions to create pathways for rural economic vitality now, and in the future.

Wide shot of a small-town city hall and surrounding buildings with magenta highlights

Investing in our headquarter communities.

T-Mobile's HQ Grants program supports non-profits in the Seattle and Kansas City areas that provide digital connectivity solutions, digital literacy training, job skilling to prepare citizens to compete in the digital economy, as well as issues specific to these communities.

Young man and older woman sitting on the front steps of a house watching tablet
T-Mobile team gathered around a laptop beside T-Mobile Emergency Management equipment

Disaster response & preparedness.

When disasters strike - we respond to keep our customers, 
and communities, connected.

Crew of people forming a chain up a set of outdoor stairs and handing bags to each other

Community news.

When it comes to building connections, people supporting people 
is the real story.

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