Group of students participating in the changemaker challenge

Amplifying our employees’ impact.

Our employees serve as champions for their local communities. That’s why they’re at the heart of all the good we do. By supporting the causes they care most about, we’re able to help create vibrant, healthy communities.

T-Mobile employee planting a garden during a volunteer event.

We roll up our sleeves to make an impact.

T-Mobile's Employee Matching Program allows our employees to support the causes that inspire them the most.

We’re proud to match our employees’ donation dollars and volunteer hours, up to $2,000 per employee per year. Through our matching program, our employees raised $3.7 million for charitable causes in 2021. Our employees also volunteered more than 52,000 hours for causes they care about most.

"You will always get more out of it than you put into it."

Debbie O’Brien, Technology Service Desk Specialist in Plano, Texas on volunteering with STEM students.

T-Mobile employee volunteers with local food bank


True to our Un-carrier style, we mobilized customers, employees, and fans to help lower-income American families during the holidays who were facing hardship due to the rising cost of food and other living expenses.

Through a unique partnership with Pay Away the Layaway — an extraordinary organization that pays off lay-away balances for people facing economic insecurity —T-Mobile rallied everyone to give back together. Through the generosity of our employees and customers, we raised over $1 million to pay off layaway balances for military families and people in rural communities.

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Young adult working at a site location.

Connecting today’s youth to tomorrow’s opportunities.

We’re standing together as one team.